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Nicer localised UpdateProgress’ for your ASP.NET pages with multiple UpdatePanels

by John Avis | February 9, 2018

On an ASP.NET Web Forms page with multiple UpdatePanels it’s nice to give the user some feedback when one of the panels is being updated.

ASP.NET Web Forms and Bootstrap 3 and 4 Modals

by John Avis | July 6, 2017

There are a few methods for hiding and showing Bootstrap 3.x and 4.x modals in an ASP.NET Web Forms application. This technique is pure ASP.NET (requires no client script) and allows you to show and hide modals by changing the Visible property of a containing PlaceHolder or Panel.

Disable common UpdateProgress controls for an UpdatePanel with an associated UpdateProgress

by John Avis | April 12, 2017

If you have an ASP.NET Web Forms page with multiple UpdatePanels and multiple UpdateProgress controls, sometimes you may want one or more UpdateProgress controls associated with a specific UpdatePanel, and one or more UpdateProgress controls that have no association with an UpdatePanel so are shown when any UpdatePanel is updated.

Bootstrap checkbox-inline and radio-inline with ASP.NET CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList controls

by John Avis | June 20, 2016

Although you can easily create inline checkboxes and radio buttons using ASP.NET CheckBoxes and RadioButtons using Bootstrap's checkbox-inline and radio-inline classes, it's not so easy with ASP.NET CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList controls.

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