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Bootstrap 4 white buttons and input groups with button addons

by John Avis | June 29, 2018

Bootstrap 4.x doesn't give you white buttons by default, but sometimes white buttons look better, particularly for something like a search box using an input group with button addon placed on a navbar.

Improving Bootstrap 4 modals on small screens

by John Avis | June 27, 2018

Bootstrap modals are great but on small screens they take up more valuable space than necessary.

Responsive collapsing search filters in Bootstrap 4

by John Avis | March 26, 2018

In responsive design there are times when on a mobile screen you want to hide some options with a button to show them, but on a large screen always show these options.

Bootstrap 4 fixed navbar that hides until page scrolled up

by John Avis | March 8, 2018

Fixed navbars – that stay at the top of the screen at all times – are common and useful, but sometimes annoying as they can block the top part of the page (sometimes obscuring page anchors).

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