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Goodbye Google Postini

By · March 5, 2013

Tagged: General

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

By · January 17, 2013

Tagged: Web Design

First steps in ASP.NET MVC

By · October 11, 2012


File uploading with ASP.NET HtmlForms

By · June 12, 2012

Tagged: ASP.NET Html Forms ASP.NET Web Forms

Developing lightweight markup using ASP.NET (or WebForms without forms)

By · June 9, 2012

Tagged: ASP.NET Html Forms ASP.NET Web Forms

There are times when I really like ASP.NET and times when I don't. Usually the times that I don't are when I don't have as much control over the final HTML markup as I would like, or when I look at the amount of JavaScript, ViewState and other markup that ASP.NET has added.

Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer 2010 Tips and Tricks

By · May 22, 2012

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

RadioButton CheckedChanged event doesn't fire if default value is checked

By · March 27, 2012

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

Login with Facebook in ASP.NET C# - Retrieve user details

By · March 23, 2012

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms SEO and Social Networking

I needed to add a login with Facebook button to a website and wanted a simple solution that would check whether the user successfully logged in and return their email address and name. I considered using the C# SDK but couldn't find much in the way of documentation or samples to accomplish this task.

ASP.NET C# Error Notification and Flood Control

By · March 1, 2012

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

jobs.nsw - web user interface design at its worst

By · December 1, 2011

Tagged: Web Design

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