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Review of ABCPDF.NET from webSupergoo

By · March 5, 2014

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms Classic ASP

Review of webSupergoo's ABCPDF.

ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel lost focus problem

By · September 30, 2013

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

Solution to the ASP.NET UpdatePanel lost focus on post back issue.

Using WebMatrix.Data in ASP.NET Web Forms

By · July 17, 2013

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms ASP.NET Web Pages

ASP.NET Web Pages has a simple to use Namespace that help you open, query and send commands to a database, and to work with rows that are returned by SQL queries.

My blog updated to responsive design

By · June 21, 2013

Tagged: Responsive Web Design

For too many years my own blog has been out-dated, still with its’ decade old HTML 3.2 markup. I decided to update it and put into action my responsive design techniques.

Custom 'Fuzzy' search system in ASP.NET

By · June 19, 2013

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

Many or perhaps most websites have the need for a search facility to search the website content or other things like products. Ideally you want an intelligent search, a bit like a search engine, where search results are ordered by relevancy, misspellings are tolerated, and maybe even word stemming is used (so a search for "teach" also returns results for "teacher", "teaches", "teaching", "taught", etc).

Image resizing solution for Responsive Design

By · June 15, 2013

Tagged: Responsive Web Design

Following on from my previous article on responsive design without media queries, I have been looking for how to handle the problem of image size and display in responsive design.

Cross-browser responsive design without media queries

By · June 7, 2013

Tagged: Jquery/Javascript Responsive Web Design

...Or an alternative to media queries for responsive design I really like the concept of responsive design, and I have read a lot of the positive stuff about it, and also read a lot of the negative too.

How to improve your website links on Facebook using meta tags

By · March 26, 2013

Tagged: SEO and Social Networking

Choosing between an open-source, commercial or custom-written website

By · March 5, 2013

Tagged: General

Goodbye Google Postini

By · March 5, 2013

Tagged: General

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