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ASP.NET What Server Side controls require a Server Form

By · September 30, 2014

Tagged: ASP.NET Html Forms

This is a list of ASP server side controls that require or do not require to be nested inside of a server form (form runat="server").

ASP.NET Request object cheat sheet

By · August 8, 2014

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

Personally I can never remember which of the Request object properties I need to use to get the requested URL or certain parts of the requested URL.

Using SqlDataReader NextResult to improve performance

By · July 31, 2014

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms Databases

On database-driven websites it is commonplace to execute multiple database queries to generate just one page. For example, on the home page of an ecommerce website you might get a list of categories, a list of banner advertisements to display, a list of featured products, and a list of top selling products. I investigate whether it was more efficient to put these multiple queries into one stored procedure and use the SqlDataReader's Next Result method to get the data all in one go.

Classic ASP functions for database queries and SQL injection protection

By · July 28, 2014

Tagged: Classic ASP

If writing database queries in SQL in Classic ASP for SQL Server, rather than using ADO or parameterised queries, you can use these functions to correctly format your data and protect against SQL injection.

Best practices for membership systems, login pages and password resets

By · July 23, 2014

Tagged: Web Security

Developing a secure membership system can be complicated as there are many potential danger areas that you must be aware of. In this post I hope to cover all of the areas you need to think about and plan for.

How to view 'Entity Framework DbEntityValidation Exception was unhandled by user code' errors?

By · July 23, 2014

Tagged: ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web Forms

If you are using Entity Framework and have received this error message and have been frustrated by not being able to see what the actual problem is in Visual Studio then there is a simple solution.

How to fix Fisher & Paykel DW60CSW1 dishwasher

By · June 23, 2014

Tagged: Electrical Repairs

My parent in-law's Fisher & Paykel DW60CSW1 dishwasher stopped working. When you turn it on all lights came on but none of the buttons did anything.

Suggestions for ValidationSummary HeaderText

By · June 6, 2014

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

I often use the standard ASP.NET ValidationSummary to display form validation error messages but often struggle what to write for the Headertext property.

How to reset scroll position after an UpdatePanel post back?

By · June 6, 2014

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

If you use ASP.NET UpdatePanels, most of the time you want to maintain the window scroll position but there are occasions when you don't want to scroll back to the top or to a specific control.

Visual Studio bug when deleting a line with word wrap enabled

By · May 30, 2014

Tagged: Web Design

I have put up with a bug in Visual Studio for some time, but recently finally got around to reporting it. I need your vote to get this bug fixed.

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