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Search result highlighting and truncation in C#

By · February 3, 2016

Tagged: C#

Isn't it nice how search engines show a brief section of content with your search terms highlighted in search results?

Web and database development and servers should become one system

By · December 9, 2015

Tagged: web+db

Recently I've been researching and experimenting with alternate methods to various things involving development, particularly database access, and have come to the conclusion that the systems that we have evolved to today are not ideal.

In this day and age why are web and database separate systems?

By · December 3, 2015

Tagged: web+db

Any website other than a very simple one uses a database these days, right? Well then why is there a separation between web server and database server? Surely there has to be an advantage in integrating these two systems into one?

Twitter Bootstrap 4 Alpha Released - New Features

By · August 21, 2015

Tagged: Bootstrap

I've been looking forward to the release of Bootstrap 4 and finally an Alpha version has been released.

Simple jQuery script for EU cookie law using jQuery and Bootstrap

By · August 11, 2015

Tagged: Bootstrap Jquery/Javascript

I recently needed to display an implied consent EU cookie law message on a website which uses Bootstrap 3.x and jQuery.

Classic ASP cookie with no name hacking attack causing error 80004005

By · July 31, 2015

Tagged: Classic ASP

As of July 2015, many of my Classic ASP websites have started logging strange errors, either 80004005 or not reporting any error code at all.

My blog updated to Bootstrap 3

By · July 21, 2015

Tagged: Responsive Web Design

As much as I thought my simple JavaScript solution for responsive web design without media queries was a good idea (and still has a place), I have updated my blog to using the Bootstrap 3 framework.

Bootstrap Modals inside UpdatePanels in ASP.NET Web Forms

By · July 14, 2015

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms Bootstrap

I have been working on an ASP.NET Web Forms project that is being converted to Bootstrap 3 and have run into a few issues with Modals.

Bootstrap styling for ASP.NET RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList in Horizontal Forms

By · July 13, 2015

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms Bootstrap

Following on from my last post about improving Bootstrap styling and accessibility for ASP.NET RadioButtonLists and CheckBoxLists, in this post I offer a solution for styling these controls within Bootstrap horizontal forms.

Better styling and accessibility for ASP.NET controls using Bootstrap 3

By · July 10, 2015

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms Bootstrap

Using some ASP.NET Web Forms controls with Bootstrap raises a few issues due to the markup that ASP.NET produces. There is also some accessibility issues with Bootstrap.

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