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ASP.NET Web Forms Databases

Linq to SQL - Order By Nulls Last

by John Avis | April 7, 2011

Using Linq to SQL and need to order by NULLS last?

Mobile Phones

Chinese Mobile Phone Information Replicas/Fakes/Clones

by John Avis | March 30, 2011


Excellent tutorial to make DHTML windows

by John Avis | March 6, 2011


Goodbye Exetel

by John Avis | January 2, 2011

eBay and PayPal

eBay - your online fence?

by John Avis | October 26, 2010

Classic ASP

Classic ASP Master Pages

by John Avis | March 27, 2010

When developing websites most of them have common elements like headers, footers and navigational menus that are common throughout the site. In Classic ASP we mostly use multiple server side includes to accomplish this. I like ASP.NET master pages and this page details the technique I use to achieve something similar in Classic ASP.

eBay and PayPal

eBay encourage/force you to lose money on postage

by John Avis | December 10, 2009

Classic ASP

Obtaining Image Properties in ASP Without a Component

by John Avis | December 9, 2009

Web Security Classic ASP

CAPCTHAs and alternatives

by John Avis | December 9, 2009


New Microsoft Hotmail good reason not to use Microsoft Explorer

by John Avis | December 10, 2008

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