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Hardware Cool Websites

The Commodore 64 Lives On

by John Avis | August 17, 2011


Jquery/Javascript plugin to truncate text to fit container height and width

by John Avis | July 6, 2011

I recently needed a Javascript function to truncate text to fit a container such as a DIV, not just in width but in height. I found plenty of functions that truncate to width but couldn't find anything by height so I created this Jquery plugin that does the job. Please note that it does not handle HTML so if HTML content is truncated it may truncate mid-tag and break the display.

ASP.NET Web Forms

Solution with Multiple Projects in Visual Web Developer 2010 (VWD)

by John Avis | June 25, 2011

I use Visual Studio 2010 at work and Visual Web Developer 2010 at home. One feature of VS2010 that is missing from VWD2010 is the ability to create a solution with multiple projects.

ASP.NET Web Pages

Installing ASP.NET Web Pages Helpers in Visual Web Developer 2010

by John Avis | May 21, 2011

ASP.NET Web Pages

Connecting to MySQL Database with ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor)

by John Avis | May 20, 2011

This is how you can connect to a MySQL database from ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor).

ASP.NET Web Pages ASP.NET Web Forms

Finally... A Replacement for Classic ASP

by John Avis | May 18, 2011

Media Center

Cheap Media Centre Build

by John Avis | April 22, 2011

Mobile Phones

Bought a Chinese Clone Phone (Review)

by John Avis | April 14, 2011

ASP.NET Web Forms Databases

Linq to SQL - Order By Nulls Last

by John Avis | April 7, 2011

Using Linq to SQL and need to order by NULLS last?

Mobile Phones

Chinese Mobile Phone Information Replicas/Fakes/Clones

by John Avis | March 30, 2011

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