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Back to top button like Facebook app

By · September 15, 2017

The Facebook app on Windows phone has a nice and unobtrusive back to top button that only appears once you scroll past a certain point, and only when you start scrolling up the page. This code offers similar functionality using jQuery.

Enhanced simple Pinterest Style Grid Layout jQuery Plugin

By · April 13, 2017

In response to a request, I have made some improvements to the modified version of Mediademon's Simple jQuery Plugin To Create Pinterest Style Grid Layout - Pinterest Grid.

Simple jQuery Plugin To Create Pinterest Style Grid Layout

By · March 9, 2016

When I was looking for an alternative to Masonry to produce a responsive Pinterest style grid that was a lot simpler and lighter weight I came across this jQuery plugin on that is very simple and works well. However, It has a few issues which I needed to fix before I could use it.

Simple jQuery script for EU cookie law using jQuery and Bootstrap

By · August 11, 2015

I recently needed to display an implied consent EU cookie law message on a website which uses Bootstrap 3.x and jQuery.

Jquery/Javascript plugin to truncate text to fit container height and width

By · July 6, 2011

I recently needed a Javascript function to truncate text to fit a container such as a DIV, not just in width but in height. I found plenty of functions that truncate to width but couldn't find anything by height so I created this Jquery plugin that does the job. Please note that it does not handle HTML so if HTML content is truncated it may truncate mid-tag and break the display.

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