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Sending email using Amazon SES with Classic ASP

By · March 21, 2017

I recently needed to change a client’s website to send emails using Amazon SES and encountered a few issues.

Classic ASP class constructors with parameters

By · June 8, 2016

Although probably no one cares about Classic ASP, except those who still need to support it, I was refreshing my memory today on how to use classes in Classic ASP and found a couple of options for simulating constructors with parameters.

Classic ASP cookie with no name hacking attack causing error 80004005

By · July 31, 2015

As of July 2015, many of my Classic ASP websites have started logging strange errors, either 80004005 or not reporting any error code at all.

Classic ASP functions for database queries and SQL injection protection

By · July 28, 2014

If writing database queries in SQL in Classic ASP for SQL Server, rather than using ADO or parameterised queries, you can use these functions to correctly format your data and protect against SQL injection.

How to share Session securely between Classic ASP and ASP.NET

By · March 22, 2014

Looking at the Google search results, it seems that there has been plenty of demand to share Session values between Classic ASP and ASP.NET. This is usually a result of supporting legacy Classic ASP.NET with new development in ASP.NET.

Classic ASP Master Pages

By · March 27, 2010

When developing websites most of them have common elements like headers, footers and navigational menus that are common throughout the site. In Classic ASP we mostly use multiple server side includes to accomplish this. I like ASP.NET master pages and this page details the technique I use to achieve something similar in Classic ASP.

Obtaining Image Properties in ASP Without a Component

By · December 9, 2009

Classic ASP Title Case

By · July 29, 2008

SQL Injection Protection - b.js

By · June 30, 2008

VBScript: Suggested Prefixes for Indicating the Data Type of a Variable

By · May 3, 2008

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