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The command line interface is back

By · April 28, 2017

Tagged: General

Back in the 1980s and early 1990s I considered myself a bit of an expert at the MS-DOS command line interface and knew all the commands and all of the options for each command.

Enhanced simple Pinterest Style Grid Layout jQuery Plugin

By · April 13, 2017

Tagged: Jquery/Javascript Responsive Web Design

In response to a request, I have made some improvements to the modified version of Mediademon's Simple jQuery Plugin To Create Pinterest Style Grid Layout - Pinterest Grid.

Disable common UpdateProgress controls for an UpdatePanel with an associated UpdateProgress

By · April 12, 2017

Tagged: ASP.NET Web Forms

If you have an ASP.NET Web Forms page with multiple UpdatePanels and multiple UpdateProgress controls, sometimes you may want one or more UpdateProgress controls associated with a specific UpdatePanel, and one or more UpdateProgress controls that have no association with an UpdatePanel so are shown when any UpdatePanel is updated.

More on web+db: An SQL based web programming language

By · March 28, 2017

Tagged: web+db

I still haven't given up on my belief that there is a place for a new programming language/environment where your application database logic are in a single system.

Sending email using Amazon SES with Classic ASP

By · March 21, 2017

Tagged: Classic ASP

I recently needed to change a client’s website to send emails using Amazon SES and encountered a few issues.

Bootstrap 4 card with outline headers and footers

By · December 22, 2016

Tagged: Bootstrap

If you use Bootstrap 4 cards and apply one of the outline classes to add some colour you will find the header and footer are still grey, which doesn't look right.

Gumtree Australia ad photos don't load

By · November 29, 2016

Tagged: General

Do you ever find that images don't load for any of the ads in Gumtree?

There needs to be more WDIMPFS hosting options!

By · September 29, 2016

Tagged: Website Hosting

What is WDIMPFS? A server with Windows, a DNS server, IIS, a Mail server, a control Panel of some sort, an FTP server and SQL Server.

Is ASP.NET better than PHP?

By · September 21, 2016

Tagged: Web Development

This posts stems from my own curiosity. It’s a question not a statement. I’ve been developing in ASP.NET for many years and I like it. I’ve dabbled a bit in PHP and there are some things I like and some I don’t like, but maybe I haven’t immersed myself in it enough to know what’s great about it…

Moving to the cloud - web hosting options for Classic ASP and ASP.NET

By · September 15, 2016

Tagged: Website Hosting

Lately I've been looking at options for hosting various Classic ASP and ASP.NET websites that I am responsible for. Some are hosted on VPS and some are on shared hosting plans with various providers. I'm looking at Microsoft Azure Pack hosting from Gearhost, Everleap and Applied Innovations.

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