What I'm watching on Youtube this week: Tow Truck Operators

John Avis by | December 21, 2018 | Youtube

Lately I've been enjoying watching videos taken on the job by tow/recovery truck operators.
Tow truck operators on YouTube

I am not sure why, but it is often entertaining to watch other people work. Maybe there are just some more interesting jobs around than a web developer :)

Lately I've been enjoying watching videos taken on the job by tow/recovery truck operators.

These guys have head-mounted cameras and record their work recovering cars and trucks that have broken down or been in accidents.

It's interesting watching the recovery process from start to finish, and how these guys know what to do to recover vehicles, no matter where it is or what condition it is in. (There's also some videos on some tow truck operators that get it wrong if that's your thing.)

Most of the videos involve truck recovery and many of the tow operators use the ultimate recovery vehicle: "the rotator".

It's amazing (and concerning) seeing what situations some of the truck drivers get themselves into.

Ron Pratt is the most popular channel of this genre, but upcomer Plaza Towing is also good.

But I think my favourites might be 1140 rotator work where you can follow Malachi from Jonny's Towing in Illinois, and Hill Auto Body & Towing who do a lot of beach tows where people have got themselves stuck in cars that shouldn't be on a beach, sometimes with the tide coming in.

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