What I'm watching on Youtube this week: car repair and car theft videos

John Avis by | November 23, 2018 | Youtube

Being a car enthusiast, this week I came across two YouTube channels that I am really enjoying.
Being a car enthusiast, this week I came across two YouTube channels that I am really enjoying.

South Main Auto on Youtube

South Main Auto repair LLC is a small car workshop in New York run by Eric O.

Eric is the kind of mechanic everybody wishes they had. Honest, does the best for the customer, and properly diagnoses faults rather than just throwing parts at a problem until it is fixed.

Some of his videos are "how-to" type videos showing you how to diagnose and fix specific systems or problems.

But the more interesting ones are where he goes through a customer job from diagnosis to repair. Some of these are split up into multiple parts and can last a couple of hours.

I liked this video where a customer has brought in their car after rebuilding the engine themselves but it won't start.

Eric is an entertaining host, and ends every video by telling his audience that if he can do it, so can they.

AutomatricksMtrack on Youtube

AutomatricsMTrack is a channel for a UK-based security company that fit security and GPS tracking devices to cars, motorcycles and other equipment.

In their videos they follow their attempts to locate their customer's stolen equipment. They travel around the UK and sometimes into Europe in an effort to find the stolen property, reunite it with its' owner, and usually involve the police.

Sometimes they lead the police to bigger collections of stolen property.

This video is an example where they attempt to recover a BMW M2.

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