This week's find on Youtube: Ally Law

John Avis by | October 14, 2018 | Youtube

Having finally explored Youtube and already found some amazing genres and movies, I am going to continue to share new finds here.
Having finally explored Youtube and already found some amazing genres and movies, I am going to continue to share new finds here.

Ally Law

Ally Law

As a law-abiding citizen myself, I'm not sure why I find watching someone escaping from the police entertaining - but I do.

Ally Law is a UK urban explorer who spends his days and nights illegally entering various buildings, stadiums, theme parks, etc, exploring them, and then inevitably running from security or the police. He and his crew sometimes escape, but often get caught.

Somehow Ally has become quite famous and every second person seems to know who he is. Many of the security guards he encounters also seem to know him by name.

He is often in court or on bail, and when he needed to raise money for legal costs to fight being banned from posting videos online, he was able to raise 20,000 pounds in just 24 hours.


It seems that trespassing is not necessarily illegal in the UK, it's a civil matter, and the police usually let Ally and his mates go, or sometimes charge them (incorrectly) for offences relating to damage or theft. Ally says that he has some civil cases against him for legal fees and costs relating to having them removed from some premises.

If you like Ally's videos you will also find his co conspirators also post videos, and plenty of others like the guy who illegally climbed the Egyptian pyramids.

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