I (finally) explored Youtube and what I found was amazing

John Avis by | September 11, 2018 | Cool Websites Youtube

I've been exploring Youtube while looking for some background entertainment while working. Here's some of the highlights I've come across.
I've been exploring Youtube while looking for some background entertainment while working.

Here's some of the highlights I've come across.

Short films

Beyond short film

It's no surprise that there are thousands and thousands of short films on Youtube. These are everything from professional productions to amateur films shot on phone cameras by teenagers.

Most of them are at least entertaining and some of them are simply amazing.

Here's some of the most noteworthy short films I have come across so far:

Urban exploration

Undercity, Steve Duncan

You wouldn't believe what's underneath many of the world's cities. Large systems of tunnels, unused railways, sewer systems from centuries ago.

There's people out there who want to (illegally) enter these places and film them for us for our entertainment.

Undercity is the best of this type in my opinion. It follows Steve Duncan as he explores an old railway and sewer underneath New York City and climbs to the top of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Another similar type of Youtube genre that caught my eye was the people who explore abandoned buildings.

The Proper People have been exploring all sorts of buildings, from derelict schools, hospitals and factories to military bases, weapons facilities and even deactivated nuclear power plants.

It's fascinating to watch their "documentaries" (great photography and drone footage) and quite thrilling when they are avoiding security and the authorities, like the episode where they actually got sealed into one of the locations.

Arthur Tussik

Arthur Tussik BMW 7-series repair

Arthur is a car body repairer from Lithuania.

He publishes regular videos showing how he fixes accident damaged cars.

Some of the damage is from minor accidents, but many are from major accidents including roll overs, where in most other countries the car would have been written off and never gone back on the road.

In fact in some of the cars he has shown, there has been stickers on the window from US auctions. So someone in Lithuania has bought the car from the US brought it over and had Arthur make it look like new again.

His most famous repair was a luxury BMW 7 series which had major damage, but Arthur pulled metal straight, replaced major sections of the body with used parts removed from cars that must have been in an even worse state.

The video of this repair went "viral" making Arthur a bit of a superstar, but some members of the US crash repair industry reacted with disgust about how this car should never have gone back on the road, and saying that although Arthur showed great skills using the equipment he had available, that he was using outdated techniques and tools.

Regardless of what you think, and whether you have an interest in cars or not, it's amazing to watch how Arthur pulls and hammers metal straight, cuts and joins it, and makes a car which does not have one single straight panel remaining look brand new again.

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