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John Avis by | December 21, 2015 | Automotive

Do you collect car magazines? I've recently started working on a new website for people who collect or trade in car magazines.
Do you collect car magazines?

I've recently started working on a new website for people who collect or trade in car magazines.

The website will be free to use and supported by advertising.

The website has three main features:

1. A user-editable index of car magazines

A bit like Wikipedia, users will be able to add contents of magazines. For each issue, the index will record a scan of the cover, description of the issue, and full contents including title, author, number of pages, and subject matter (which would usually be the model/s covered by the article).

2. Track your collection

Users will be able to record which issues they own, which they want, and which ones they have to sell.

3. Trading tools

For people who buy and sell on websites like eBay, the website will generate templates with full details of the issue that can be copied and pasted into eBay, saving lots of work entering contents and finding images.

The website will also automatically match buyers and sellers based on the wants and issues for sale. No transactions will take place through this website. Instead, users will be encouraged to use safe trading platforms such as eBay and PayPal.

The index will include a search feature which can be used by anyone to locate issues with articles about topics of interest. Users will also be able to restrict their search to their own collection.

Interested? Have a look at the work in progress and join up as a member. If you are interested in how the website develops your feedback is welcome. screenshot

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