What's with all the Chevrolet badges on Holden Commodores?

John Avis by | July 2, 2014 | Automotive

Why are so many Holden owners swapping their Holden badges for Chevrolet badges?
Why are so many Holden owners swapping their Holden badges for Chevrolet badges?

Holden badge swapped for a Chevrolet badge

Okay, I realise that since the early 2000's the V8 engine option is a Chevrolet engine, but does that warrant replacing the badge?

Are there a lot of patriotic Americans living here?

I don't remember any VL Commodore owners fitting Nissan badges to their cars. (If you are too young to know, the 6 cylinder engine fitted to the VL series was the RB30E engine sourced from Nissan.)

And when I had a VP Commodore I don't ever remember feeling a desire to replace the Holden badges with a Buick badge. (If you are even younger you may not know that the V6 engine used in the VN to VY Commodore was based on a Buick engine.)

In my opinion the only time that a change of badge is justified is if you own a Holden Apollo or a Toyota Lexcen and want to increase your resale value and appeal. (Still too young? The Apollo was a rebadged Camry and the Lexcen a rebadged VN-VP Commodore in some crazy badge swapping idea that Holden and Toyota entered into.)

The real question is did the number of Holden badges being swapped in favor of a Chevrolet badge have any influence on Holden's decision to end local manufacture? And as a result, will the next Commodore be made by Chevrolet and imported from the USA and, if so, will it wear Holden or Chevrolet badges?

Update - 3 October 2014

The other day I saw a Holden Captiva with a Chevrolet badge. Okay, I know the Captiva is also sold in the USA as the Chevrolet Captiva but this particular car was right hand drive so I'm confident it was originally badged as a Holden. The Captiva might be sold as a Chevrolet but it was developed by Daewoo in Korea and certainly isn't made in Detroit or any other part of the USA.

This is getting ridiculous.

Update - 2019

I saw a Holden Cruze with a Chevrolet badge. Another Daewoo sold as a Chevrolet in the USA. A piece of crap regardless of badge.

I wonder if anyone will put a BMW badge on their new Toyota Supra?

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