How to fix Fisher & Paykel DW60CSW1 dishwasher

John Avis by | June 23, 2014 | Electrical Repairs

My parent in-law's Fisher & Paykel DW60CSW1 dishwasher stopped working. When you turn it on all lights came on but none of the buttons did anything.
My parent in-law's Fisher & Paykel DW60CSW1 dishwasher stopped working. When you turn it on all lights came on but none of the buttons did anything.

The problem was caused by the door switch.

To access the door switch you need to remove the screws from the rear side of the door. Take out all the screws at the top holding the plastic control panel first then start removing the screws that hold the rest of the door on. You should only have to remove a few of those before you will have enough clearance to access the door switch.

The door switch is held in place by the two screws at the top of the door. Once these are out you can remove the door switch, then disconnect the two wires attached to it. It doesn't matter which one of these wires connects to each connector of the switch.

The problem with this switch was not the microswitch itself, but the plastic part of the switch which had deformed slightly over the years and the pivoting part of the switch which activates the microswitch was not pushing the microswitch down far enough.

Once you have it out you can test the switch with a multimeter. When you push the plastic pivoting part in (it will lock into place in open and closed positions) you should have full conductivity. If you don't, remove the microswitch from the assembly and test it on it's own.

The best fix is a new complete switch mechanism but I was able to fix this one by jamming a piece of plastic underneath the microswitch to lift it high enough to make better contact. I then used a cable tie to hold it all together.



by Daz | November 11, 2014

Had exactly the same problem with this dishwasher.
Examined the door switch and discovered that like yours, the plastic pivot thing was not pushing the microswitch down quite far enough. This means the dishwasher thinks the door is still open and hence won't start. I didn't even need a multimeter to diagnose - with the pivot thing down I used a match stick to force the microswitch down a bit further and heard a little click indicating that it was now on. I ended up jamming a couple of staples under the complete switch box the same as you, this forced the whole microswitch assembly up a little in the door lock assembly, meaning that the pivot thing made better contact. Might find something a bit better to jam under there but the staples are doing the job for now.
Thanks for your blog, solved my problem!



by Reili | January 2, 2016

This post was a life saver for us! Had exactly the same problem and fixed it thanks to this post. Thank you!



by Martin | March 1, 2016

Thank you very much for the advice. I had the same problem and cut up an old store card to wedge under the switch. Dishwasher working again!



by Wasant | February 4, 2018

You have just saved me, John...Thank you so much. I have done it by using 2mm solid sponge. It may sit too tight but I am sure it will last for years ahead.


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