Visual Studio bug when deleting a line with word wrap enabled

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I have put up with a bug in Visual Studio for some time, but recently finally got around to reporting it. I need your vote to get this bug fixed.

When word wrap is enabled, if you use CTRL+X to delete a line that spans more than one on screen line, and your cursor is positioned on the first on screen line, it removes the first on screen line but leaves subsequent parts of the line and moves them up to the end of the previous line to the one deleted. This does not seem right. Deleting a line should delete the entire line even if it spans multiple on screen lines when word wrap is enabled.

Steps to reproduce:

Enable word wrap, create several lines of code, in the middle of the code add a line that spans multiple on screen lines, position cursor on the first line of that line, press CTRL+X

Because this bug has existed for so long, the Visual Studio team is reluctant to fix it unless users vote to fix it.

You can read more and vote at

For more information including Microsoft's response see

While we are at it, there's a feature required in SQL Management Studio that is sorely needed. For those who who use Always On it is very frustrating that SMS does not remember the vital setting for connecting to an Always On enabled database.

For more information and to support this feature you please visit
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