You've heard of Shazam, but there are alternatives

John Avis by | August 19, 2011 | Cool Websites

Many people are aware of Shazam, the service used on mobile phones where you can play a song near the microphone of your phone and it will (usually) identify the song after a few seconds and tell you the name, artist, album, etc.

There is a free alternative service that you can download and use on your desktop. It's called Tunatic and it is available for PC and Mac.


But possible the most interesting website I found that offers a similar service is Midomi. Midomi is also free and in instead of identifying pre-recorded music you can sing it yourself or hum it.

That's a pretty amazing useful service in my opinion. Can't get a song out of your head that you don't know who the artist is? Give it a go.

Midomi is also available for mobile devices.


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by Collins | July 15, 2012

- I LOVE my iPhone. I have some of the ones on your list, but hadn't heard of Midomi. I can't wait to try it out! One of the best free ones I have is Labyrinth Lite. It works so awesome. I use BoxOffice & the Facebook one a lot too. My ltlite boy loves the phonesaber one. LOL. For the paid ones, I like Sudoku Unlimited & Lumina (other than the ones you already listed). My dh and I have been playing Texas Hold'em a LOT.


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