The Commodore 64 Lives On

John Avis by | August 17, 2011 | Hardware Cool Websites

I came across an interesting website which details a new version of the Commodore 64 that you can purchase new now.

New Commodore 64 New Commodore 64

It no longer has 64kb of memory, a cassette player, and an 80x25 character display. Instead the new Commodore 64 features Intel processors, DVD or Blueray drives, and runs Linux or Windows.

There is also an operating system - Commodore OS - which is a community-driven Linux distribution.

In addition to the 64, Commodore have another model called the VIC-Slim which is a modern looking all-in-one computer housed in a keyboard style casing. They also have a line of "Amiga" models, modern looking computers styled in the spirit of the original Amiga models.

The company building these computers is Florida, USA-based Commodore USA, LLC. Their website is

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