Gotta love NSW... Speed camera removal

John Avis by | July 29, 2011 | Road Rules Automotive

Whilst other states are suffering with more speed cameras and extremely low tolerances, NSW is removing 38 of their 141 speed cameras because they are said not to be improving safety, only revenue raising.

I fully support this, in fact I think they should remove the rest too!

I would be interested to know whether this move has any legal implications. Does this mean that people booked by the cameras to be removed are entitle to their money back? Does it mean that if caught for speeding and you can prove that it was safe to speed at the time and location that you shouldn't be fined?

For more information on the removal see the following links:

NRMA welcomes speed camera removal in NSW

NSW: 38 Speed Cameras Axed In Safety Audit

Residents rally against removal of hard-won speed camera

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