Jquery/Javascript plugin to truncate text to fit container height and width

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I recently needed a Javascript function to truncate text to fit a container such as a DIV, not just in width but in height. I found plenty of functions that truncate to width but couldn't find anything by height so I created this Jquery plugin that does the job. Please note that it does not handle HTML so if HTML content is truncated it may truncate mid-tag and break the display.

To use the function use one the the following syntax:
Truncates to size of container and adds "..." if the text requires truncation.
$("#id").truncate(" <a href='#'>read more</a>");
Truncates to size of container and adds specified text (in this example a read more link) if the text requires truncation.

Click here for an example

Your container should have a fixed height and overflow set to hidden. You will obviously also need to include the jQuery library.

(function ($) {
$.fn.truncate = function (options) {
if (!options) options = "...";
return this.each(function (num) {
var height = parseInt($(this).css("height"));
var content = $(this).html();
while (this.scrollHeight > height) {
content = content.replace(/s+S*$/, "");
$(this).html(content + options.more);

If you only want to truncate a string to a single line, and want a server-side solution, then I recommend you read the Code Project article Truncating a text string in ASP.NET to fit within a given pixel width.

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Comments (4)

# Posted by Ken · November 7, 2011

Thanks, works perfectly!


# Posted by Paolo Brocco · August 7, 2014

So far this is the best solution for an annoying problem with several plugins, scripts (I tried clamp and it didn't work) or dirty hacks around, THANK YOU!

In my implementation instead of "..." I use '…' (ellipsis, unicode 8230).


Paolo Brocco
# Posted by Blah · March 3, 2015

Heaven forbid we get provided a legitimate example of it being used.


# Posted by John Avis · March 4, 2015

Thanks for your feedback, Blah. I have added an example.


John Avis
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