Installing ASP.NET Web Pages Helpers in Visual Web Developer 2010

John Avis by | May 21, 2011 | ASP.NET Web Pages

The documentation for ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) is good if you are using WebMatrix, but there are some shortcomings if you are using Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio.

One example is the Helpers that are mentioned in the documentation: for Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It is not explained how to add this functionality in VWD or VS 2010.

Here's how to do it... In Solution Explorer right-click on your project and click Add Library Package Reference. This brings up a dialog where you can search online for packages. The one you are looking for is microsoft-web-helpers. Search for it and click install.

In this dialog you may find some other interesting packages that you can install. You can also view these packages on There is a JQuery package which adds Intellisense for JQuery, amongst other functionality. There is a PayPal Helper. Or you may find the JQuery client-side form validation helpful.

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