Goodbye Exetel

John Avis by | January 2, 2011 | General

I have been a long time customer of Exetel, using their ADSL and then ADSL2 services.

Over this time I have been a loyal customer, and recommended others to become Exetel customers.

However over the last few years they have annoyed me a several times emails saying that my plan is no longer economical and that I need to pay an additional fee to continue using my current plan, change to a new plan, or move to a different ISP.

The last time this happened I was paying $35 per month for ADSL2 with 2Gb data allowance. They said this was not profitable and that I needed to pay $10 per month extra to stay on this plan, move to a new plan, or switch ISPs. I opted to move to the $30 per month plan with 10Gb data allowance. That's right - I pay less for more. Hard to see how this could be more profitable.

This could explain why many months later a similar I receive an email telling me that my plan is no longer profitable and the usual $10 extra, new plan or switch ISP routine. This time unfortunately their cheapest new plan is $45 for 30Gb which is data I don't need.

One of the reasons for the increase is that they claim that people are using more data. Why not offer plans for people with smaller data requirements?

With some regret (and inconvenience) I am saying goodbye to Exetel this time. Whilst people I know tell me stories about how their ADSL costs are going down and data limits are going up, Exetel seem to be going in the opposite direction.

I am switching to TPG. Their $29.95 per month plan with 5Gb peak, 10Gb off-peak should suit me and I know a few people who use their services who have been happy. And no talk of frequent emails telling them that they are not a profitable customer. Sounds great.

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John Avis

by John Avis | February 8, 2011

As a follow-up, my first month with TPG didn't go well as I reached my limit within around half the month. Part of the reason is I used it more, but also TPG count both uploads and downloads instead of just downloads like Exetel.

Had I hit my limit with Exetel I could have just paid $1 extra for another GB of data. Unfortunately TPG do not have this option and shape me to 128Kbs which is effectively useless.

I will be more careful next month.


Sick to Death

by Sick to Death | May 23, 2011

I too WAS with Exetel and left for the same reasons. Now with internode and now my boys have left home I no longer need the plan I'm on so will be downgrading to something similar. Although I use VOIP a lot so I'm worried that a downgrade may impact on that.

Regards Steve.


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