Obtaining Image Properties in ASP Without a Component

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You don't need a third party server component to determine the height and width of an image file in Classic ASP. The LoadPicture command will load an image into and object and you can then access the height and width, such as in this example:

Dim objImage
Set objImage = LoadPicture(Server.MapPath("image.ext"))
intWidth = objImage.Width
intHeight = objImage.Height

4GuysFromRoll.com has an interesting article on resizing images without a component - see http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/050300-1.shtml.

The following link contains some other code that can access image properties as well as modify GIF images: http://www.u229.no/stuff/.

Lastly the following link is for a component-less CAPTCHA genertor which generates a BMP image from ASP.It may help you understand how to create and modify BMP files. See http://www.tipstricks.org/.
Classic ASP

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