New Microsoft Hotmail good reason not to use Microsoft Explorer

John Avis by | December 10, 2008 | General

Am I the only one having problems with the newly updated Hotmail?

I use Hotmail regularly throughout the day on a variety of computers, Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (Beta). After going through a few pages Explorer freezes up and has to be forcibly ended.

So now I prefer to use Firefox to check my Microsoft Hotmail.

Incidently I find that you cannot reply to an email using Hotmail on Google Chrome.

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r4 firmware

by r4 firmware | October 11, 2009

Ya I had problem with HOTMAIL to.......I tried it on Safari instead..........It worked fine with IE8 only......


L. Wadelton

by L. Wadelton | April 14, 2010

I want to add to all the complaints about JUNK FAXES. I have only ONE WAY TO COMMUNICATE TO MY DEAF MOTHER, 82 YEARS OLD. AND FOR HER, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY.
FAX.... this is the only reason I have a fax machine and my sisters too.There are hundreds of Victorian deaf people that use FAXES. I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to all this junk mail, don't EVER want it. Important faxes from my mum can't get through when the paper has run out or ink because of these JUNK FAXES. I have tried the it does NOT exist.
Have had some success with and www.nofax. I consider all JUNK FAXES HARASSMENT. and potentially dangerous in blocking contact with my mother that does not live with me.
How can I block ALL OF THEM.


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