Does really stop junk faxes?

John Avis by | July 26, 2008 | Computers & Internet Web Security

I received a "spam" fax some time ago on my home fax machine. here's the story of what followed.
I received a "spam" fax some time ago on my home fax machine. I was pleased to see an opt-out website link at the bottom of the page which was I didn't want any more faxes sent to my home fax so I went to the address and through the process to remove myself from this list.

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However, over the following months I continued to receive "spam" faxes all from different companies but with a similar link to be removed from list.

I did follow the removal process with each fax but the faxes have not stopped.

I did a whois lookup of the domain name and found the owner to be:


I have sent the following message through their contact us form on their website and will see what the response is.

Please remove my fax number from your database - 02xxxxxxxx. This is a home fax machine and I do not wish to receive any more faxes from any of your customers ever again. Thank you.

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Chris Coleman

by Chris Coleman | July 29, 2008


A similar experience here at the business I work for, except the number they have on their database is actually a telephone line. Given that we have 100 incoming numbers on various rotary bases (only one is the fax machine!) it's proving almost impossible to track down which exact line they're sending to.

Thanks for the tip.


John Avis

by John Avis | July 30, 2008

Today I receive a new spam fax with as the unsubscribe link.

The unsubscribe page is, like, an anonymous page with no contact details of course. I guess the company that run this service doesn't want their name associated with it.

I unsubscribed, probably a mistake, but I will see what happens.

The domain is owned by Threesixty Telecom, 1010 Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, CB3 6DP, Cambs, Great Britain (UK). Not sure how this is associated with sending faxes for Australian organisations and their website ( gives absolutely nothing away.


wendy syme

by wendy syme | August 7, 2008

Dear John,

I am the Director of cBox and understand your frustration with the "" url... So your are aware – we are a small private business and we don't stop faxes for every company in Australia that chooses this form of advertising, we merely offer a removal facility for our clients as we are required to do by law. We cannot control faxes you receive from other companies who are not our clients as they use different databases to the one we lease and different fax providers. Our only removal facility is; - this is updated onto to our data supplier's blacklist and when one of our clients use the service, data is washed against this list and then omitted before use.

Also, the best way to remove your number(s) from any URL; is to follow the instructions and ensure area codes etc. are included and importantly, avoid calling up the companies and quoting your numbers as theirs is an element of human error with data entry and lastly make sure you include all your fax numbers, not just one so there’s no diversion of faxes from one number to the other.

Further to this we are trying to improve this removal facility further as errors do sometimes occur causing no end of frustration for people like yourself, which I sincerely apologise for. I have personally worked towards the creation of a “Do Not Fax” register with ADMA to eliminate this problem as we do pay significant Telco costs when sending faxes to people who do not wish to receive them, so it is in our best interest to have this created. It is important to note that faxing is still one of the most cost effective forms of advertising for many small businesses who cannot afford other mediums to sell their products, and while you and people like you hate receiving them – there is still a significant amount of people out there who buy the products/services to warrant a sound ROI for our clients – otherwise we would be out of business.

It is also important to note that there are larger companies than cBox who provide this service, (we’d have to be the smallest really, and do provide other services than faxing) many who are international providers who don’t even provide a removal facility – these are the guys to really worry about as there is no standard recourse and I have spent many hours and $$ chasing them up for people like yourself in an effort to have them cease and desist.

I am happy for you or any of your readers to email me should you require further clarification and apologise for any inconvenience caused by our clients fax campaigns. Personally, I hate TV commercials, door knockers, banks, insurance companies and Indian telemarketers a whole lot more, but that’s just me.

Wendy Syme
cBox Pty. Ltd.


wendy syme

by wendy syme | August 8, 2008

Hi John, you probably won't want to post this as with my last comment, (I'll have renewed respect for you if you do :-)) but you should really speak to Google about posting fax marketing ads on your site, with large companies and international no less, as it defeats the purpose when you try to rubbish a small Australian company who happens who be in the fax business with your uninformed and misleading information. Wendy


wendy syme

by wendy syme | August 8, 2008

Hi John,

Please post my last comment regarding how to stop the fax spam effectively. this may help your readers understand the real picture with the removal URL's that are used for each fax company. Wendy


John Avis

by John Avis | August 8, 2008

My reply to cBox:

Hi Wendy.

Thank you for replying to my blog post, your comments have been approved and are displayed to all.

My main reason for the original post was due to my frustration of having a succession of faxes suddenly start coming to my home telephone line (which happens to have a fax/answer machine connected) after I unsubscribed from the first fax. All faxes had stopfax unsubscribe links. Having received quite a few of these faxes having not received faxes in the past lead me to suspect that I every time I unsubscribed from one stopfax customer I was subscribed to another stopfax customer, the common link being stopfax.

Can you offer any suggestion as to how this might happen, that it was only stopfax customers sending faxes to me (and my phone number is not listed as a fax number anywhere that I know of)?


wendy syme

by wendy syme | August 8, 2008

Hi John,

With reference to your query regarding private numbers, it is baffling – but I can tell you how fax numbers are collected, the larger list brokers use call centres in the Philippines and India who have operators that will call a company and just ask “can I have your fax number please” people usually give it to them not thinking it’s being added to a business fax database – the other means of collection is through scripts written to run all over the internet collecting fax numbers, these “bots” can collect up to 50,000 fax numbers in a month. If you have a private number now, but it was a fax number a couple of years ago – then it may still be on a database listed as a business fax number.

A few years ago a company (best remain nameless) found access to a large Telco database, they took the numbers and sold them to quite a few Australian and International companies and once discovered they were put out of business by a lawsuit from the Telco… however the numbers could be stopped from being used, hence most of the data out there now is from this particular database. I know it’s a hassle, but really it’s business unfortunately.

As stated in my earlier comment the best way to remove your numbers from a database is to follow the instructions provided on the document and if it still fails, then contact the company directly who will then contact their suppliers to make it happen. Abusing the receptionist from the company you received a fax from won’t get you removed from their database.

Hope this helps.



wendy syme

by wendy syme | August 12, 2008

Hi Again,

regarding the fax spam situation... I've had many complaints from people receiving faxes from a company called "One Steel" they're doing internal faxing and have not provided a removal facility even after many requests, nor have they removed numbers from complainants - I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue from this company and if so, were you able to have your numbers removed and how?

I'd be most grateful for any feedback, so I can assist the people who have approached me to have their numbers removed from this company's database.



by Cathie | August 19, 2008

I recently received a fax from with a link to Typing in the URL & doing a Google on this came up blank. Google directed me to I contacted DomainNames about this and received a reply email from 'James' saying they are the same company. Then not 3 hours later after adding a remove request I received exactly the same fax from DomainNames. Also with regards to your details being entered on a for sale data base, another culprit for this, are the telemarketers who ring up and want to confirm your details on their 'free' internet business directory. (you will legitimately find these directories on line) When I queried who they were, & whether they on sold their data bases - you guessed it, yes they did. I now always say that we are not interested in having our details listed.


Vicky Hamilton-Gibbs

by Vicky Hamilton-Gibbs | October 13, 2008

I keep getting these faxes. I am not in the slightest bit interested in this form of advertising. It is just wasting my money and the money of whoever is paying for the send. How does is collecting fax numbers “through scripts written to run all over the internet collecting fax numbers" ethical?


John Avis

by John Avis | October 30, 2008

Another fax received from a, this time from Ink Man (



by Susie | November 10, 2008

Having received numerous spam faxes, wasting my paper and ink, I decided to try the STOP FAXING ME address advertised on one of them....All I got was a syntax error !! So Im still receiving these damn faxes



by Sarah | November 12, 2008

Yep, me too. Inkman regularly keeps sending me their junk. I today tried the link to unsubscribe and received the same run error. Are we doomed to be forever on their list?



by Mike | November 12, 2008

And I'm another one who has failed to get my name removed via

PS found your blog via Google when doing a search for


Grace duPrie

by Grace duPrie | November 13, 2008

I saw your comment just before I was going to add my details to this website to stop those annoying faxes. Mine also came from the Inkman. I will not use it now. I have phoned them on their sales number and asked to be removed. Thanks for your blog. I always tell the fax senders that I have the principle that I will NEVER deal with anyone sending my unsolicted faxes and can they please tell the Marketing Department that they get negative results and no sales EVER.


by Noel | November 13, 2008

Is there a Government Dept that deals with this type of abuse? Can I threaten to report a company to a Gov Dept if they persistently ignore requests to stop sending faxes?


by edward k | November 13, 2008

please remove me from all your clients list. and remove me from your data base, my number is **********.


by Andrew | November 24, 2008

I too received the Inkman one today with a removal notice at the footer.

A quick thought to those who are having problems unsubscribing. If you're trying to enter the fax number, make sure the full 13 digit fax number is used with no spaces. Eg if my fax number was 02 1234 5678 and I'm based in Sydney, the fax number to enter is probably 0061212345678.

BTW, has anyone thought that Inkman may be sending these on purpose to use up more of your ink? <grin>


Mark Stevens

by Mark Stevens | November 24, 2008

I have just had a fax from the Inkman as well, problem is the ID at the top of the fax wasn't displayed, so I can't tell them to stop faxing me.


Byron Levene

by Byron Levene | November 25, 2008

I am also being sent faxes at work that I dont want--which goes against our Departmental policy's of reducing our energy footprint and reducing paper waste.

I have on many occasion tried to have our fax number removed--each time to no sucsess.

I have spoken to my supervisor and we are looking into taking action on this matter.

thats all I can say.


patricia Campbell

by patricia Campbell | December 1, 2008

I have been trying to unsubscribe in vain It will not accept my fax number but wants my phone line which is different These junk faxes are a pain in the butt!!!!!!!!



by mark | December 1, 2008

why cant we get a list of there fax nubers, so we can fax them all back! now that sounds like fun hey! now im sure they wont mind how could they! ill just sit and wait.



by sam | December 1, 2008

Dont let it worry you mark! i just play games with them back, go ahead take up there offer go through the crap then at the last minute tell them your waisting there time cause they faxed you and you and every body you know will call and do the same, may not work,but its fun.


by rob | December 1, 2008

Mark, feel free to fax cBox on 61 2 90120801

Does anyone remember Sasha Sudakov spam faxing domain name renewals? I found his mobile number at 3AM after being woken by one of his junk faxes. Strange that he didn't appreciate the return call at that time of the morning. ;-)

Despite the fact that Wendy Symes says, "Abusing the receptionist from the company you received a fax from won’t get you removed from their database.", I have found from past experience that if they receive enough complaints they will change marketing tactics away from junk faxing. They just don't need the hassles it causes. Wendy Symes is of course discouraging this as it puts her out of business!
Complain Loud! Complain Often! How else are you going to change the system!


by Richard | December 2, 2008

I have just got off the phone to the chap who runs A young man called Jason Edwards (Whois and then google Cbox Pty Ltd.. Power of the tubes..) He has taken my number and assured me that the faxes will stop..
Let you know..



by SirFaxAlot | December 3, 2008

We get sh!tloads to work everyday. We turn our fax toner down way low and turn the pages over and start again.

It would be great to obtain the number that is sending these faxes and via our telco put a block on that number... hmm... I wonder...


Mark Stevens

by Mark Stevens | December 9, 2008

On Nov 24 I got the fax from Inkman, called them on their 1800 number and asked to be removed. Was told it was done. Today Dec 10 I get another, call them, told my fax number has been removed. I informed them I was told this before and still getting the faxes. If it happens again they won't be getting a polite call to make another request!


by SpamVictim | December 9, 2008

I got Inkman fax spam today too :(
Found their fax number on their website..(02) 9746 0060

Might send their fax back to them but with the top of the fax taped to the bottom to create a continuous loop...


John Avis

by John Avis | December 10, 2008

Why not add a plain black page to your continuous fax to them and hope that they use a laser or inkjet fax machine and you run them out of ink or toner within a couple of pages.


by I hate spam | December 10, 2008

Why send faxes when you can rock up on their doorstep?

Adam Gottlieb, Manager,

Inventrix Technologies 16 Park Rd, HOMEBUSH NSW 2140.

ABN: 55 438 226 137
Entity type: Discretionary Trading Trust
Main business location
State: NSW
Postcode: 2140
Trading name(s)


by I hate spam | December 10, 2008

PS you can email adam at:


by I hate Spam | December 10, 2008


Call them at 61 2 9293 **** to have your number removed.

Or visit cbox ( in person.

Level 29, Chifley Tower
2 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000

These guys have somewhere in the phillipines that harvest numbers. They wont give out any details.



by wendy | December 11, 2008

Hi, Ink man use Blast Marketing, a UK company who really have no obligation to provide a stop fax facility as they are carriers and due to the fact they don't provide data. Speak to Adam at Ink man and ask for removal, I’m sure he’ll assist – I’ve already had a fax recipient who has achieved this successfully… without screaming about it.

By the way, Mr. "I hate spam" the data supplier in the Philippines that cBox use is South Stop data and no big secret. Curious that you seem to think it’s some kind of conspiracy when faxing is still legal – and the only reason that abusing the receptionist doesn’t work, is because it really doesn’t. As for cBox going out of business if you do scream… I doubt it, if legislation changes we’ll just continue to sell our other services… that’s generally how it works, sorry to disappoint you.


by I hate Spam | December 11, 2008


I agree. Abusing the poor pleb on the phones of the direct marketing companies doesn't achieve anything. Complaints should be directed to the marketing managers of businesses using services such as cbox to do their direct marketing.

Cbox are doing what they are paid to do.

Wendy, would you care to provide full contact details for South stop data so that Australians can call and have their contact details removed?

As you say in one of your earlier posts, you do pay significant Telco costs when sending faxes to people who do not wish to receive them, so it is in your best interest to remove the numbers of people who do not want to be faxed.

A google search doesnt return much, so if you could provide details of South Stop, you will allow us to assist you.


by Rob | January 1, 2009

Firstly John, great blog it is great to see someone taking a stand against these
telemarketers, and assisting others to get off lists.

To Wendy,

It seems this blog page has become a forum to provide details to contact direct marketing companies such as yours that hide behind a domain name to remove numbers from a list as opposed to actually dealing with irate people who are sick of your faxes.

I was receiving faxes to my VOICE home number on a regular basis.

After plugging in a fax I managed to find the culprits.

I managed to remove my number several weeks ago.

The thing that bothers me is:
At no stage did I choose to be marketed to in this manner
At no stage did I ask to be on any list
At no stage did I ask to receive advertising from the faxing company
At no stage did I ask to receive advertising from the companies the faxing company advertise for.

What you are doing may be legal now. It doesnt change the fact you are harassing individuals and it costs them money to receive your advertising in the form of paper and ink/toner replacement.

I'm sure people in Wendy's line of business are not well liked based upon the fact the government's do not call register was unable to handle the load on its first day, due to the large volume of people rushing to sign up.

I honestly don't know people in jobs like Wendy's wake up in the morning and go to their job knowing they are hated by so many people.



by wendy | February 2, 2009

Hi Rob and Mr. "I hate Spam"

Sorry I haven't checked in on this site for a while... been pretty busy actually. Ok, 'Southstop data' - the details I have for this company is; - I used to deal with a girl by the name of "Gina Mapanao" when working for another company, they supply most of the AUS/NZ data around the world.

As for hiding behind a domain name, I suggest you do your homework. If you check (which is owned by me) you'll find that we very clearly state who we are and what we do, which is provide a fax broadcast service and not a stop fax facility for the nation - most broadcast companies in Australia do the same. we also provide links to organisations who will offer information on the SPAM laws in Australia and attempt to assist people like yourselves in being blacklisted on supplier data bases around the world.

Since my last comments, people seem to think that we are a national stop fax register - which we are not, however the government is looking at this and I believe a national register will soon be in place.

As for waking up in the mornings happy - I have no problem, I am very happy and run 3 successful businesses. my clients receive enough of a response in sales to continue to use this advertising medium... in terms of good results that's all that counts really, the ROI. Compared to the complaints we actually receive, businesses still receive significantly more interest and sales than complaints.

My apologies if we've offended you - it was not our intention. The laws clearly allow us to send faxes without consent and we provide a removal facility which we filter every night and takes 48 hours to update. You'll find a lot less support from the international providers who aren't bound by Australian legislation.

Obviously, this forum is not working in terms of providing information, so I won't be back. If anyone does have serious concerns with unwanted faxes and they've continually tried to be removed, then please drop me an email and I'll try to help.




by wendy | February 2, 2009

whoops - Sorry Rob, the Do Not Call register is only for telemarketer's and interestingly, there are just over 100,000 phone numbers registered (remember, there are something like 5 Million (?) phone numbers in Australia) so there is no problem with handling the load with removal requests, further to this the government makes a fortune everytime businesses have to wash their data against this register - who really wins?

We very much look forward to a do not fax register, as the criteria for numbers being entered is quite strict and you may find that if you're in business, you may not be able to register.

Hope this sheds some light on the issue.



by Mal | March 4, 2009

I'm getting spam faxes every week. Some are mainly black with white text which of course runs out my ink.

I phoned them up last year for them to stop and for my number to be removed but all they said was they could do what they liked.

Isn't there a government body where I can send in an official comlpaint so that they can be fined.

These drop kicks are quite rude over the phone when I asked politely to be removed.

I now have no paper in my fax machine which is a home fax number which is on my main phone so I can't go changing my number of 20 years just to stop this.

I set up a domain long ago which silly me added my fax number to it and ever since them get faxes from all over oz.



by Anton | June 2, 2009

I too have asked to be removed repeatedly to no avail. Do as I do and use a free efax service trial to return the faxes to's fax number (02)97460060 - just make sure the fax is multiplied to a total of 50 pages or so, with a clear demand to stop spamming. Once their fax machine is wasted by spitting out unsolicited copies of their own fax spam from all their spam victims they will stop.

If everyone does the following:
Find the fax number of the company tryng to sell the junk on the spam faxes, and return their faxes. They will stop sending spam, because they will realise what it is like to have you ink, paper and time wasted with unsolicited rubbish.

I would feel for the small companies like Inkman, but if we ask them to remove us from their lists and they don't, then I think that returning their junk is the only thing to do.


by Matthew | June 3, 2009

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to contact these stop fax sites, and get them to take you off all the fax lists they regulate. Our fax machine is also our leased photocopier, and all faxes cost us 10 cents or so per page. It gets a bit tired to have to go to each site and enter our number again and again.



by Paul | June 3, 2009

Being a small business who are having our expensive fax ink cartridges quickly used up by jink faxes using huge black areas, I wrote to our Federal Member, Wayne Swann, to see if the national "do not call register" could be extended to small businesses. I also enclosed a bundle of junk faxes received over a month to illustrate the point.
The Hon Wayne Swan said that the "Do Not Call Register" enables individuals to opt out for residential phone lines, but not business. He went on to write that The Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy invited public submissions on this and are currently considering changes to the "Do Not Call Register" based on feedback received ( was pleasing to have a informative and concerned response from our local MP.
Perhaps if other readers wrote their Federal MP it might bring more attention to this unwanted cost on small business from unwanted heavy black ink junk faxes



by PaulJ | September 24, 2009

And so it continues...

We get various junk faxes, latest was from

I believe the '' type sites, are ways to harvest valid fax numbers. In the same way as replying to a spam email will have your email confirmed as valid.

Yes, I read what Ms Syme has said here...
would you trust advice from someone who works in this wasteful, irresponsible, grubby industry ??

We returned the fax to au fax number with a suitable message written over it.

Contact details if you hear from them: tel 1300 305868
fax 03 8610 2000
PO Box 6686, St Kilda Road Central, Vic 8008
ABN 94739821324

Needless to say, avoid at all costs doing business with

And tell your friends :-)



by NevilleW | September 26, 2009

Hi Guys,

Also PO'd with these junk faxes, but have knocked up a 7 page word doc with my details on it & instructions that I do not wish to receive these faxes any longer.
Also have added a footnote that there is a 50 page fax waiting to be sent if the 7 page doesn't get the message through.



by walterjnr | September 27, 2009

Just return the fax but tape the ends together to create an endless loop. They might think twice about faxing you again.



by TrevorH | October 1, 2009

Just to address Wendy's assertion that there are "just over 100,000 phone numbers registered" on the Australian Do Not Call register, that's absolutely incorrect - there are currently around 2.5 million numbers registered, over one million were registered in the first 36 hours of the register going live. ( In the US their DNC register has over 50 million registrations. The only reason the Australian DNC register doesn't have three times that many registrations is because you aren't currently allowed to submit business numbers. Hopefully the govt will have the foresight to change that eventually, too.

As much as telemarketing companies like to complain about the 'unfairness' of DNC registries, the fact is they operate an outmoded business model. Suck it up, go do something useful for a change.

For those wishing to eliminate telemarketing nonsense once and for all, get yourself a VoIP service - you can configure it to block certain numbers with the click of a mouse.


by Martoodeetoo | October 21, 2009

Hi John,
I've read all the comments to the original blog.
I too am receiving unsolicited faxes and
(gullible me) tried to get removed from stopfax list by entering my details online. I wish I had read this blog before! Cheers....



by Maria | November 11, 2009

Hi John
I found your blog after becoming frustrated with the increasing number of faxes i receive on a daily basis now. I started trying to unsubscribe as per the message at the bottom of the annoying faxes, and still received the same annoying marketing material. I did some searching after reading your blog, and found that is a company owned by / or incorporated by another company called Agora Commerce, who offer guess what? marketing services, they even advertise a special offer of 10.000 faxes for only 800.00. I called there and told them that i did not wish to be on their lists and to stop sending me their crap, the confirmed that they were one and the same.
Thought you might like to know and or share this on your blog.
Thanks for the opportunity to vent some frustration.
Kind Regards
You can contact Agora Commerce/Agora Direct Services on 1300 887 910/(03) 9955 2190, or fax (03) 9018 4408.



by Lisa | November 18, 2009

Hi John,

and a very big THANKYOU to Maria!!
She's hit the nail on the head - Agora Commerce are the 'owners' of and once you have contacted them on theose about numbers - they have to "BY LAW" remove your contact (fax) number from **ALL** of their databases!! I also told them that this is the 2nd time I have had to call them and if i get just ONE MORE SPAM FAX from them - I will proceed with lodging a formal complaint with the telecommunictaions Ombudsman!
Good luck people - but this seems to be the only way forward!! Cheers :)


Frustrated private owner

by Frustrated private owner | November 24, 2009

I also entered my private fax number on after receiving some initial junk faxes only to receive further junk faxes with a different removal address - That's when I chose not to take further action. Fortunately, I don't need to receive faxes, just send them, so I removed my paper and toner and intermittently clear the memory.


by Jules | January 10, 2010

I have just called Agora Commerce!! Thankyou for the infor and this site!


by Trish | January 19, 2010

Me too. Tried several times to no avail


Mark Stevens

by Mark Stevens | January 26, 2010

Called Agora Commerce on 20/1 to get my number removed from their database after getting a TAFE SA fax. Was told that they didn't send it, then 5 mins later that they did and would remove the number. Today (27/1) I get another one, this time for LavAzza Coffee Machines. Called them again and response was "No, we didn't send it" but their on the fax. I've asked again for my number to be removed and will be contacing the TIO if there is one more fax.


by Pissed off Dave | February 16, 2010

These pricks at do not remove your number from the database. I have tried numerous times to no avail. I reckon they are simply using your response to verify that you actually receive the faxes.

Any ideas how we could launch a class action and sue the pricks.


by Jeffro | March 9, 2010

When get a junk fax I have been contacting the companies that are advertising via email stating that I charge $350 for recieving a fax and $150 per page to read. If you or any of your agents send me a fax you will be agreeing to my terms and conditions and I will invoice you accordingly my terms are strictly 7 days. If I do not recieve payment I will instigate procedings against you in the civil magestrates court to enforce payment.


by Richard | March 10, 2010

Somehow, I believe stopfax to be indirectly connected somewhere. If not, why even the suggestion to key in the given code at
From now onwards, we will send an invoice of $350 to the companies that subscribe to stopfax for "time, ink cartridges and paper costs" . If they do not pay, they can expect "bill collectors" at their doors. That will give them a good idea of the nuisance they are causing.


by Otto | March 10, 2010

Just contacted the phone number provided by Maria (November 11, 2009).
Agora Commerce/Agora Direct Services on 1300 887 910/(03) 9955 2190, or fax (03) 9018 4408
Simply asked to be removed from all faxes. After confirming which companies faxed me there was no hesitation in informing me politely that I will be removed from their fax list. Hopefully this works.



by d4nny | March 12, 2010

Hi John,I have been reading your blog with great interest after receiving a fax from at work this morning. I looked up on whois and found it was registered in the UK with a contact and nothing else. I thought I'd go to and see if there was anything more but saw only some average pieces of art and a contact telephone - so yes I called it and got a Jax Hair and Beaty salon! My how these people try to cover their tracks. I didn't want to waste any more time so I called the company that was advertised in the fax and gave them a piece of my mind regarding their ignorance at spending money on this form of advertising. The person I spoke to did give me the name of the company they use "Ozmedia" 1800442557I. I called them and spoke to a Mark Redgewell and asked him about Bert Tickner and of course he didn't have any idea who this person is. He offered to take our number off the entire database but I told him I didn't think this would work as we are constantly getting faxes. I think everyone should just complain to the companies using these marketing companies and not bother with the actual marketing companies faxing us as they will only forward (sell) our numbers to other marketing companies. Oh and for my piece of mind I entered all the fax numbers of all the marketing companies in these and all those other urls.... I feel better for it hehe. Your blog has helped me a lot, thanks!


by Shredder | March 22, 2010

Yes, if you have a physical address, rock up on their doorstep with a garbage bag (or 2) of shredding. Walk in and empty the contents EVERYWHERE. A few pirouette's help the distribution process... and no, Kramer did not infulence this post


by Tricia | March 24, 2010

The first request over a year ago did not bring results. Rang Bonnie at Agora.. 1300 887 910 this morning. I explained I was a pensioner living in a retirement village and had to leave paper out of my fax/answer/tel machine.... Every time I accidentally left paper in the machine, an unsolicited fax was transmitted. .....She promised to remove my number....I am already on the DO NOT CALL register for unsolicited calls..... I believe charities and politicians can still ring.....
PERHAPS LETTERS TO YOUR LOCAL member, CC's to Minister for Communicalions and shadow minister as well as all Leaders of the GREENS is required for a DO NOT FAX REGISTER. Good idea to do this now whilst each member is in fear of his/her seat.


by Anonymous | March 25, 2010

I am also frustrated. I note recently a lot of mention about Agora. I have recieved many faxes from them and repeatedly asked to be removed, to no avail. My solution is this, I found out one of the faxes from them for Bali "Bali Holidays" actually comes from them, it is on of thier businesses. Their mistake was that they have a free call number for people to ring in on the fax, the number is 1800 851 184, I have set up my fax machine to repeatedly call this number and send a blank fax, the operator answers and gets my fax machine buzzing, its a blank fax. The beauty is that each inbound call to them costs about 50c plus operator time. I suggest disgruntled people do the same. Make sure you hide your fax id from them (need to do this from your fax or computer) and also hide your phone number (by putting 1831 before the 1800 number. The whole number to send to is 1831 1800 851 184) Each call to them will cost them about $1.50. At some point if they get enough calls they will take notice. And respond to customer requests.


by revenge | March 29, 2010

been faxing Bali Holiday mob all morning on their 1800 number, revenge is sweet.
They are getting the shits i can tell



by Jude | March 30, 2010

Thankyou Maria (Nov 11)
I have just rung Agora Commerce on 1300887910 stating that I had been given their number in regards to having my fax numbers removed from their advertising listings. I asked was I speaking to the right person about it and the operator replied "yes". She then took my fax numbers down, repeated them back to me making sure she got them right. Im now waiting to see what happens!!
the bottom of my annoying faxes said to go to . I couldnt find any such site!!


by newbie | March 30, 2010

as i am never near our work fax, i decided to take a stand today against junk faxes when i realised they give you an opt-out option. i tried the website and could not access it!!
Agora made the mistake (perhaps intended) of including their abn on the page which you can search for here
this allowed me to identify them and call them, which i did - until i found this wonderful webpage. if they do not respond, i'll take on your advice.
thanks for everyone's comments.
definitely helps a newbie out ;)
will have to be keeping tabs on this.


by newbie | March 30, 2010

jude, i told the operator i couldn't access the site... they didn't seem surprised. in fact, i think they're prepared for what is coming!


die spammer die

by die spammer die | April 13, 2010

03 9639 6488 is the current phone number for the owners of cbus fax spam company



by faxexit | April 27, 2010

have developed a standard fax to send to every business using these lists 1. take me off your list 2. don't tell me to contact some non existent third party 3. please confirm you have complied to avoid being added to my automated fax list and reported to ADMA etc. I hope this works but it may just make me feel better. Three sent today hooray!


margaret miller

by margaret miller | May 11, 2010

stop faxing me sola 0746961711 please


Bob Thompson

by Bob Thompson | May 14, 2010

Same problem. Waiting for important fax, and failed to notice after taking out 4 unwanted faxes, that I had run out of paper. After calling the person who was sending the urgent fax and basically accusing him of incompetence, I then had to ring him and apologize.
These so call"Pricks" have not got the guts to supply their fax number so I can send them 50 or so unwanted faxes. It realy pisses me off. Gutless pricks I say.



by Y | May 18, 2010




by Spam_assassin | May 23, 2010

These drones keep on don't they ?

Just got "7 nights Bali Accommodation
$99 Medawi Bay Retreat, Sekuta Condo Suites" - junk fax.

Nothing but a 1800 number. However a quick Google reveals:

The resorts on this site are owned and operated by the PVB Group. For Enquiries regarding bookings already requested or to change an existing bookings, please contact them directly on:

Booking Enquiries:
Mail Address: Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 284 Sanur, Bali - Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 287727, 289032
Fax: +62 361 286723

Sales Enquiries:
The accommodation vouchers are sold within Australia and New Zealand on behalf of the PVB Group by Bali Getaways. Enquiries regarding sales or vouchers already purchased can be directed to:

1800 851 184

Ok so PVB group are:

Percy Vernon Burlace

Contact Us
Bali Bintang Properti is a division of the PVB Group.Constructing property in Indonesia for over 20 years. 100% Western owned.

Head Office:
Mail Address: Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 284 Sanur, Bali - Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 287727, 289032
Fax: +62 361 286723
Email: Web:


YES it's the same fax number.
SO fax em back folks :-)


by Spam_assassin | May 23, 2010

Here is the reply from Percy, the owner of the Bali Holidays $99 junk fax:


What a cop-out.
See his full contact details in our other post.


by vigilante | May 25, 2010


We just placed an online order for thousands of dollars of their stuff.

Name Mr Stop FAxSpam etc

Everyone who gets an INKMAN.COM.AU junk fax, why not do the same ?


by No more fax | May 25, 2010

I Live in SA and get the fax's fro bali Holiday , some cofee machines & Ink.
Agora state that they only send the Bali one anyone know who sends the others. ??


by SA Rob | May 26, 2010

Here is another sap sucking insect to bother.
The company – touting famously that they can help you get off their freakin’ list but you can’t contact them – can be found here.

Prospect Marketing Pty Ltd
1800 08 04 01
Suite 3
40 Young St
VIC, 3199

inkman and baby wipes (pricebreakers)



by Dono | May 27, 2010

So far this week received faxes fromBali Holidays, Inkman,Telemates,Upskilled. All unsolicited. It really pisses me off that I have to unsubscribe to something I never subscribed to in the first place.As far as the donotfax/Cbox mob are concerned they just keep on sending faxes from different clients, each one of which you have to unsubscribe to. I have just sent Cboxs fax back with a big message written across it. "Take me off all your fax streams, DO NOT send me ANY MORE faxes from anyone. OK!!" I'll see what happens. I have a feeling they couldnt give a stuff and will continue faxing me. What really gets up my nose about all this is that my expensive fax roll is being used up printing stuff I dont want. Next step is to start lobbying local politicians for a "do not fax" register. I'm Mad. Dono



by Debbie | May 30, 2010

Is it possible for everyday fax owners to have their faxes come through their email? That is what we do at our work (through the photocopier which is also a fax) and therefore all faxes come in as emails and can thus be deleted when they come in rather than printed. Just a thought.



by Deb | June 8, 2010

since using the stop faxing me link, i have been inundated with useless faxes, i only hope an email to cbox will stop them finally, i have had enough


by ceegee | June 9, 2010

since using the stopfax website to unsubscribe the number of unsolicited faxed has escalated. Call me a skeptic but it seemed to confirm that someone was receiving the faxes and reading them confirming i need more faxes!


by Anon | June 10, 2010

I stopped receiving this completely unethical form of unwanted marketing once I started phoning the services advertised and complaining to them about the fact that I was paying for THEIR advertising because it was my paper, my ink and my time that was being used. Be firm and clear about your position. Apologise for wasting their time and remind them - daily if necessary - about how you are being solicited to call them by Cbox and that they way to stop your calls is for them to stop Cbox sending you faxes.


by Anon | June 10, 2010

For the Bali Holidays - actually being promoted by Susie Gizdimidis of Agora Direct Commerce located at 20C Blackburn Rd Blackburn VIC - ring the 1800 number on the fax (1800 851 184) and ask to have your fax number removed so that you don't receive ANY further faxes from this company.



by anon | June 16, 2010

I received an unsolicited fax from State Solar Services and tried the to have the faxing "Service" stopped. I quoted the "Code" number given (SOLA in this instance) which was rejected. I then called the business being advertised who apologised since they thought the Stopfax system was working.

So "Stopfax"" appears to be ripping-off its own customers who think they are getting a services as well as annoying the recipients of these unwanted faxes.

So, Hey, next time I will step up my reactions as suggested by other bloggers.

Even if it does not stop these cretinous leeches from sending unwanted faxes, it will give me some satisfaction.



by Wendy | June 16, 2010

Hi All,

I haven't been here for a while; however I have had many people come to me from this site for assistance in removal from other suppliers... which we have always assisted with. I am sorry that some of you think we are a pack of "cretins" - so be it, if a handful of misinformed individuals enjoy this line of communication, to each their own. To shed some light on the stop fax situation; Agora own - Oz Media own - Prospect Marketing own - UT Box own - Every broadcaster has their own stop fax facility and the reason why different codes are used is because many advertisers have their own data bases, therefore need to manage their removals internally.

So you are aware, from the end of May the legislation changed to include fax numbers on the DNCR, this means that fax companies like us have to wash data prior to transmission. I strongly suggest that you add your fax numbers to the register – the ACMA will be enforcing this legislation within a month or 2, so broadcasters like us will be fined for sending faxes to anyone on the register. This will also give you an avenue for complaints which is now legally enforceable. This is a welcome change to most broadcast companies who will no longer have to keep blacklists.

I hope this is helpful to all concerned, and of course for those who will miss the communication and wish to continue with the bitching, maybe you can start on Australia Post who have now put their rates up to further exploit advertisers moving to mail marketing to send junk mail as opposed to faxes.



by Blast Marketing | June 27, 2010

Hi All,

I was responsible, many years ago for setting up the first stopfaxingme site to allow customers to remove their numbers from a customers fax campaign.

They do work, but like this:

Company pays for an advert to be sent to a list of numbers.

Fax is sent, and any removals entered into the stopfaxingme sites are removed from that customers campaign ONLY - not the main broadcasters database.

The technology used in Fax Broadcasting lets us know exactly if a fax was delivered, how many attempts were tried, fax capabilities etc - they dont need you to confirm it was recieved by entering your code.

In the UK we were the only broadcaster who removed a number entered into stopfaxingme from our whole database - for good.

The first step is to always make sure your fax numbers is entered into the equivalivent of the Fax Preference Service (here in the UK at least) as broadcasters DO scan their numbers against them (we did it every 3 hours).

Most AUS faxes are sent from the UK - many AUS companies outsource their sending to the UK for cheaper rates as its during the UKs evening when equipment in the UK is otherwise unused.


william solomon

by william solomon | June 27, 2010

Have you noticed that the address has been changed to

I fail to see how any reputable trader would believe that this type of marketing would work for them.


Barry Adams

by Barry Adams | June 29, 2010

I have been through this removal pocess 4 times now and it does not stop them coming. Thanks for the lead on CBOX. I note the response from Wendy Syme of why do that state that you will be removed from all fax lists, that's not what she has put in her response.

Cheers, Barry.



by Glen | July 5, 2010

I too have been through the removal process many times and it does not work.

Part of the problem for businesses is that quite often the database has the wrong phone numbers. So how is this a problem? Many businesses use ISDN lines and usually have a 100 number range (even if they do not use all of them).
(ie (02) xxx-x200 to (02) xxx-x299). Suppose you have 5 lines (say 201 to 205) and the sixth is your fax number (say 250) all the other numbers in the 100 number range will still come to the PABX. This results in some fax calls to handsets (Something I hate!) but on some smarter PABX's it will detect the fax and send it to the fax extension. It is impossible to detect what number the fax came in on. You would need to register each number in your 100 number range to make them stop. Who has time for that?

To complicate my positon, I run a national business with offices AND old diversions in place in each state. This stuff could be sent to anywhere and end up on my desk.

The fax spamming companies need to keep track of company names, not just phone numbers. Lately I have been faxing stuff back to them. It hasn't stopped them coming to me, but I feel better! If we all did the same, it might just work.

I would never ever deal with a company who solicited business like this due to the pain and grief it causes my business everyday.


by denise | July 5, 2010

Thank you for the advice. I have just tried it and hopefully that will stop the annoying faxes I am receiving on my home fax. Cheers


by Peter | July 5, 2010

With the change in the DNCR legislation and the DNCR now accepting fax numbers it seems to me a marketer who is serious about keeping their lists "clean" would add the DNCR site to the bottom of their faxes.

I note that Agora/Cbox have not done this despite Wendy saying they really didn't want to fax to unwilling recipients. I've suggested they do so.

Register your fax number here to stop all Australian originating spam faxes



by Karl | July 15, 2010

After have unsubscribed from another 2 fax lists last week and now received yet another 2 today, I followed up a little further.

For those receiving faxes with "" at the bottom, you might be interested in the contact details for cBox at -

cBox Pty Ltd
ABN: 86 129 489 694

Sales Enquiries


61 3 9639 6488

61 2 9012 0801


Monto Minto

by Monto Minto | July 15, 2010

These people are at it again.
this it is 'Agora direct'.
I have no intention of contacting them, thats the job of the odbudsman & i'll contact him



by teri | July 21, 2010


Fax - 07 55932478


by check | July 21, 2010

there's no legislation yet to block junk-faxing to business. entering you fax number into like only end up receving more junks as they know your fax machine works ferfectly good-- no mistake.


by James | July 28, 2010

I just contacted Andrew at Cbox (96396488) who was extremely helpful. He helped remove my fax from a number of different sites, stopfaxingme,nofax, stopfax. He also suggested I contact the government website Apparently from August 2010 if your fax number is on this gov site you will be protected from spam faxes (and phone calls if you add your phone number) Cheers James


by Fax Liberation Front | August 2, 2010


1. Google the offending company, eg inkman, upskilled etc

2. Often, the top PAID FOR result is a pay-per-click ad for that company. Check carefully that it is the same company that faxed you.

3. Click, click, click away at that ad. It likely costs them upwards of a dollar a click.

4. Repeat 3. :-)

I'm planning to do a hundred clicks per junk fax received.

Then double it if I get any more.


John Avis

by John Avis | August 4, 2010

Fax Liberation Front: That's a great idea but Google do have some systems in place to prevent this sort of thing happening. Better bet would be to do it yourself and also get some friends to click on it, and do it on different computers at different locations.


by Mr D | August 10, 2010

Like most of you i run a small business & get a tonne of these annoying faxes every week. You try & try to get taken off the lists but they continue to come. I have now come up with a great way to get these to stop & blow off some steam.
I recently purchased a whistle for $4.99 & every time i get a fax from inkman & the rest of them i am going to call them & blow as hard as i can. they'll get the picture sooner or later, particularly if we all do it! :)
I hate spam, love your work, Wendy you & everyone in your profession (if you can call it that) lower than a parking officers ass!


by Miss L | August 19, 2010

Mr D before everyone takes your advise I think you should know that blowing a whistle down a phone line is actually illegal - intent to cause harm or something similar.

My suggestion: use this forum to create a petition to government to speed up the laws to make spam faxing illegal.


by just doing my job ! | August 24, 2010

omg u guys get a life. business must really be up shit creek if ya complain about faxes LOL change you fax to email if u r to broke buy ink haha When u send a fax to any of these companies they ALL recieve them by email. if people are rude they will continue to be faxed.
I hate TV ads i never asked for them but i dont call the company and yell at them to stop. I hear all kinds of threats in my line of work so im well prepared for anyone that trys to come up in my office :P faxing is annoying but not illegal. GET A LIFE



by Leanne | September 14, 2010

Hi John

I totally agree with you
I get up to at least 6 a day!
The common denominator in all this is Wendy's company. I am going to get started up a petition to get government to add faxes to legislation regarding this and put it under the same as sending unsolicited emails. I dont believe what she said as each time I go to stop fax it goes to her company. They must think we are stupid!



by Deb | September 14, 2010

I too recieve many of these faxes and also many unwanted things via e-mail Most can not be gotten rid of put as Junk mail - block sender, does nothing as they are still there and have to be dealt with.
Between the 2 I can't "GET A LIFE" as was stated, as I am too busy sorting out e-mails & faxes
I too tried just today to ring to cancel through the to be told the customer did not exist and that 3 other comapanies have similair names that are not associated with them. Tried those in case had got it wrong but they led NO WHERE
From the blogs on this site I can see that it has been happening for many of you too and for just as long - Deb


narelle taylor

by narelle taylor | September 23, 2010

I have been going onto the website for over 6 months now to have our number removed. Today I received 4 faxes for the same product. I went onto the cbox website and have left 2 messages to speak to someone. No-one has rung me back, it seems a very mickey mouse production!


by Mr D | September 26, 2010

Dear, just doing my job,
Knowing that you "get all sorts of threats in your line of work shows how low your job must be & how proud you must be of your profession. I'd love to know, when your at a party (assuming, someone out there would actually invite you to one)& your asked what you do for a living, what do you tell them??? Surely your too embarrassed to say, "well, you know all those annoying faxes you get that clog up your machines & waste paper, ink, trees, money & time? Well there all thanks to me"
Hope you can sleep well at night knowing your upsetting so many honest, hard working aussies, not to mention costing them money. As for me, business is just great thank you very much :) I have a great life. I think its you, with all the threats your getting that needs to GET A LIFE! :)
And by the way, those TV commercials you are talking about, aren't wasting anyone's paper, costing anyone money or as annoying as you.
over & out!


by Francesca | September 28, 2010

Hey guys,

The Do Not Call Register now covers fax numbers, please go to the ACMA website and register to avoid all this rubbish. It will take 30 days for all the telemarketers to be made aware of your distaste for their nonsense but if they do it after those 30 days then they can be fined - a real estate agent was fined $6600!


by Frustrated | September 29, 2010

I have also been having trouble with spam faxes - thanks to this site I have worked out how to trace back to the advertising company using - thanks guys!
Most companies seem to have removed me after I rang the broadcaster directly - all except for one.


I have rung these idiots at least 5 times to get them to remove me from their lists. They say they will, after feeding me some line about not sending the fax I had received(I find that strange since the advertised company identified them by name, and Prospect Marketing's opt out website is on each fax). However - next day, there they are again.

Does anyone know the fax number for this company? Phoning clearly isn't working...



by Jen | October 4, 2010

While donotfax is an excellent service, it still won't allow you to register a business phone/fax number. It has to be a dedicated fax number. If you can register a private number and a dedicated fax number why can't you register a business phone number????


by Ning | October 14, 2010

Hi guys,

Please do NOT CAll 02 9293 **** which left in this bolg. I hired a serviced office and own this phone number, I have nothing to do with the business. Pleae do Not Call.

[Editor: Phone numbers removed]


by Mary | October 25, 2010

I hate to say how many times I have contacted Cbox via their web site and via telephone directly asking them to remove me from their spam lists. Each phone call to Andrew assured me it would be done. I have now listed my fax # with the Do Not Call Register. If I continue to get faxes I will register a complaint and will not rest until it is followed through with a fine.

Just reading Wendy from Cbox's responses made my blood boil. Smug and arrogant, she earns her living at the expense of others. She even suggests we pursue Australia Post for their distribution of junk mail!!! Well get this you arrogant twit...getting spam from them doesn't cost me money like your unwanted crap does!!!
And just to let you know Wendy, I also contact the manager of each company whos spam I receive, thanks to you, and inform them of your ignoring requests to be removed from your lists. I also inform them that I see it as harrassment and will be referring the matter to my solicitor if it continues. If I have to take action this far I will be contacting lists and blogs such as this one to see if there is interest in a class action against you.


by Daniel | October 31, 2010

Hi Mary,
I have had enough of, I have unsubscribed few times but still I am receiving faxes, today was the latest one. I have even faxed and emailed the companies they are faxing on behalf. I am sure there will a lot of people joining a class action against them.


by Debbie | November 3, 2010

Register on the Do not Fax register. We have and the unwanted faxes have stopped completely!



by Doug | November 16, 2010

So does work? Absolutely not!

Cop this, these are the dates I have received spam faxes from various websites, (,, and Sept 22, 28, Oct 5, 13,19,26, Nov 1, 11. On the 16th Nov at 5:39am I put my fax number into the website. On the same day (Nov 16th) I received 3 spam faxes at 9:26am, 9:36am and 10:46am. Coincidence, I think not!

These stopfax sites are just spammers, thankfully I receive my faxes electronically as pdf's docs and I'm not wasting toner and paper, but it is still costing me time and therefore income.


Edward Aguirre

by Edward Aguirre | November 23, 2010

Well you did better than me, I looked but I couldn't find any number at the bottom of the faxes.

Castle Hill


by Another annoyed | November 23, 2010

I have previously hunted down stopfaxing me and asked for my number to be removed from all advertising sent NOT just the individual advertiser code. This had no effect. I keep getting the faxes from stopfaxing me. I have since registared my number on the Do Not Call Registar so we can see how that goes.

(comment by Wendy ' I hate TV commercials, door knockers, banks, insurance companies and Indian telemarketers a whole lot more, but that’s just me.")

With all due respect Wendy. I can choose to turn my TV to another chanel, not answer my front door, not read advertising in magazines but when a fax comes to my home uninvited I have no choice. What your company does is no better than those spammers sending me univited penis enlargement advertisments. You are all in the same catagory



by Glenn | November 25, 2010

Have just received my sixth unwanted junk fax offering the wonders of a holiday I don't want or can afford. My fax machine is private... meaning I have one for personal use only, so there is nothing worse than rushing to the 'phone to beat the answering machine, only to get an earful of fax!

I've been on the Do Not Call register since its inception, but there is still no Do Not Fax!

OK, I've nailed a few of these jokers in the past quite successfully. Direct tracing of company via APNIC or GeekTools followed by a 'phone call via VOIP gets some, those that persist have received a 500 page fax from me, having all black pages with DO NOT FAX! in white writing. So far, the record is 384 pages sent before the fax was terminated at the other end.

However, this holiday mob is going to be a bit tougher to crack. I did the "direct entry" today as all previous requests for removal in writing and by 'phone and website have been ignored. As there has been no confirmation fax received at C.O.B, I can only assumed that this request has been ignored.

Monday will see "Plan B" initiated.



by Woody | November 29, 2010

I'm so over the scum of the Earth sending Fax Spam here. These fax marketing mobs don't act on a request to stop. It still keeps coming.

I'm interested to hear how "Plan B" went Glenn. LOL

Perhaps this will help folks here. It's a full transcription of yet another piece of crap that arrived today, BUT, this is to advertise one of these scumbag spammers!


Empty Tables?

We can fill them!

(edited to remove advertisement)


We don't even operate a restaurant!

I do hope that can be used to good effect by those sick of this crap.

Any advice on options using these contact details to cost this mob more than they could ever possibly imagine?



by Woody | December 2, 2010

Hi John,

I didn't seek to advertise with that. I thought it would be of interest because it was a "spam" fax marketing Co. undertaking a spam fax campaign for their own services!

Prospect Marketing no less with the supposed exit out site. LOL

Oh well.


John Avis

by John Avis | December 2, 2010

Hi Woody. I removed the advertisement because I didn't want to give them any extra advertising here. Hope that is okay. Thanks.



by Woody | December 4, 2010

Hi John,

As you see fit John. It was the claims they made and manner that may have perhaps given an insight to the way these types promote what is a negative to the unwilling receivers... stuff like "Free use of our data base. Chose from a million Aussie businesses."
That the scale of how many receptors of this annoying crap there can be it seems.... probably more! Surely there is a significant percentage of these private citizens and businesses on their data base who could participate in collective objection to this type of marketing. United we stand type thing.

I wonder if a cheap National newspaper advertising campaign or possibly the likes of Today Tonight / A Current Affair picking up on the story would have some effect towards mass objection. Hmmmm... perhaps commercial TV would see fax spam advertisers as a competitor and so happy to see action taken.

Is something like this an option to effect remedy instead of us individually trying to get only our own info removed from those data base. Just a thought.



by Ulla | December 6, 2010

Hi John,
Have had a similar situation, I run a business and have a phone and fax number. I get spam faxes to both numbers which is so annoying as I answerer the call only to here the fax noise and then it ties up my line until it diverts through to the fax machine and then i usually get the same fax to my fax line. I have tried to use stop faxing me but I get error codes that I am using the wrong code! Hmmm or the wrong number!!

Any suggestions!!!



by Michael | January 14, 2011

If someone is taking action against this Co please add me to the list.
I have "de-registered" at least 4 times now and still get these faxes.
My first port of call on Monday will be calling and writing to the local MP, and any other bodies i can think of over the weekend


by Michael | January 14, 2011

These are the details i have for
there is a telephone number in the below list. Can anybody confirm that this is them

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
Address: PO Box 2131
City: Milton
StateProv: QLD
PostalCode: 4064
Country: AU
Updated: 2004-03-01

ReferralServer: whois://

OrgTechHandle: AWC12-ARIN
OrgTechName: APNIC Whois Contact
OrgTechPhone: +61 7 3858 3188


by Michael | January 14, 2011

Ok after some searching, the owners of stopfaxing me are:
Agora Direct
1300 887 910
Tel: +61 (3) 9955 2190
Fax: +61 (3) 9018 4408


by Hilary | January 19, 2011

Their FAX No is (03) 9018 4307. (thanks, Oliver).


by Fedupwithfaxes | February 22, 2011

THanks to Michael for posting Agora's number after getting bombarded by stopfaxingme faxes. I just called them and asked to be removed. Hopefully it will stop all those deals to Bali.


by Lisa | February 27, 2011

IF Angora tell you it's a 'line diversion fault' (ie: YOu have had your fax # diverted in the past) tell them you have NOT - this is just ANOTHER one of thier 'we cant be bothered to propely remove you from ALL of our databases' tactics. Again I have informed them that I have contacted the 'Telecommunications Ombusman" regarding there spax faxes *AND already contacted Telstra to confirm there is 100% NO diversion in place. They still attempted to blame us for a diversion beingin place - to which I replied, either way I am dont with contacting your organisation (4 times now (recorded also) in 2 years) I will lodge a formal complaint with the ombudsman - to hwich (of course) the man paid attaneiont to and said he'd so 'his best' to remove this fax # from ALL of their databases!!! funny how they only seem to action anything with the threat of the Ombudsmans interference!! how ever you get them to comply with the law - should be done!! GTOOD LUCK people - they are very very suss on who they're TRYING to blame for thei illegal activities!!


by faxheadaches | March 1, 2011

Have you all read this?
The new legislative arrangements prohibit the sending of unsolicited marketing faxes to a number on the register, unless the recipient has consented to receive the fax.


by Renee | March 8, 2011

Thanks for the contact details for Agora Commerce. I too have been having the marketing faxes come through. Called Agora Commerce today and told them to remove my number from their lists immediately or I would be contacting the relevant authorities and taking action under the Spam Act 2003. I was assured my details would be removed straight away. Why is it these people don't do anything until threatened with the law?


Martin J. R.

by Martin J. R. | March 22, 2011

I want to thank everyone in this email thread - particularly those who found the originating company behind this faxing/spam/scam.

Agora Direct (Ph No. 03 9955 2190) Just took my phone call, I warned them that I was recording the call and making a legal file note, warned them I had a witness in the room, and read to them from a pre-prepared statement advising them of their legal obligations under the Spam Act 2003, to which they did not argue nor rebuttle argue in any manner, and at the end asked them to permanently remove my fax number.

They were very complant, agreed to delete it and 'Stacy' agreed to remove it straight away.

I write all of this in support of my case to evidence that I have contacted Agora Direct (Agora Commerce) this 23rd day of March 2011 and have instructed them to remove my personal fax number from their records....This is a legal file note.


robert lowe

by robert lowe | March 31, 2011

these guys don't take a hint, i have rang each company including those that use the advertising and i keep getting told "we have nothing to do with those and you need to contact stopfaxes yourself" when i explain that i did not ask for these faxes and i am on the do not call register and THEY CAN CALL them to remove my number as I AM NOT THE ONE WHO WILL GET FINED" and they simply say o.k well get your number removed, then 1 month later bingo! i get another one. i even told them i was recording the conversation and had a witness in room (to witch he stated "i don't want this recorded" i explained he had no choice) and i lodge complaints with ombudsman and fill out all those forms, a lot of time and I STILL RECEIVE THE FAXES AND EVEN NOW I GET MORE!!!! what do i do? is anyone thinking of suing in a class action? can we? if we can include me!!!!



by Woody | April 3, 2011

Two other 'stop' [not] sites I've found on this crap.



And one of these faxes wants me to buy toner! Not likely if they undertake marketing like this.

Note that 1) doesn't have the .au in address. Is this a ploy to avoid Australian Law?

What is the status of the provision outlined here? >

Is it a case of a 'Do Not Call register' that doesn't apply to business and only private homes like the telemarketing DNC register?

Can someone please post a copy of "a pre-prepared statement advising them of their legal obligations under the Spam Act 2003" for everyone to use.


Patricia Leon

by Patricia Leon | April 10, 2011

I am tired of receiving faxes advertising products I have no use for and wasting my printer. I have tried to delete by using " which is noted at the conclusion of the fax. When I type in the code (which always has letters and numbers, I am told that numbers will not be accepted. Where do I go from here?


by FRANKTHETANK | April 22, 2011

HOW PATHETIC YOU ALL Go onto the do not call register, couldn't be more easier that that. Oh, I forgot... some people get turned on by whinging and complaining... FRANK.


by Earl Smith | May 3, 2011



Worker on the Phone

by Worker on the Phone | May 3, 2011

Frankthetank... not all numbers can go on the 'do not call' register (business cannot, private can).

We have found that the more you record your details on any of the stop fax sites you are guaranteed to be hit at least 4 more times by the end of the week.

As a business we found this sometimes works for unwanted faxes or junk mail ie readers digest etc.

1 call the 1800 number making sure the number is silent or use the fax line (all they get is a squeal in the ear if they call back. Ask them for their fax number as you wish to take up the offer etc but need a paper 'trail' for your records, or some story.

2 Now you hopefully have the number, fax them all the unwanted faxes you have just received. Over and over again.

3 Now the next type of junk revenge takes a bit of forward planning for supplies... all the unwanted junk mail you receive with prepaid return envelopes you keep, fill with 'junk' and mail it back.

4 Telemarketers we do one of two things; tell them to please hold the line, put it down and go make coffee or ask to speak to their supervisor and then inform him that you are currently ringing both Federal Police and Interpol on the other line and you would like his/her name... dont ask me why but that one really works!

Good luck all with the spam advertising!


by James | May 3, 2011

Earl, It looks like you have a lot of time to kill. I called Agora some time ago to get my number removed from their list and did not get another fax from them. Don't you think that is a bit easier - and cheaper?


by Wendy | May 11, 2011

I used to receive about 2 junk faxes a week. However, ever since I used the fax number removal service on, I am receiving at least 1 junk fax a day with different code. This is annoying!!! It is wasting paper and not environmentally friendly, surely we consumers should have the right to opt out receiving any junk faxes all together.


Sick to Death

by Sick to Death | May 23, 2011

It seems every time you go to enter a removal code it increases ther amount of faxes you receive 3 fold. I let my Fax run out of ink and only used it to send but today I needed to receive so stupid me put in a new high capacity cartridge and new ream of paper and when I came back after a couple of hours I had over 400 faxes on the floor and yep another empty cartridge.

I was soooo pissed I sent a very abusive email to via their website and to vent my frustration (again). I've done this before but politely and never got a reply but today I got 2 replies. I doubt however that my number will be removed but both repliers send some info that I'd like to share, perhaps if everyone reading this blog sends these contacts a message via email, phone or what ever they might get the message that we're all not impressed and want it stopped. Going to should be a once off event to remove your number, but alas you need to do it for every different code of which you'll get 3 fold more faxes in return.

Their details are:
Carrol Tuttey
Office Manager / Accounts
Prospect Marketing
Direct Line 03 8738 3801
Main Switch 03 8738 3838

Tanya Knowles
Marketing Manager
Prospect Marketing Pty Ltd
Phone 03 87 38 38 00 · Website:

Now as I say I doubt my number will be removed permanently as I very bluntly requested with language that would offend the thickest skinned person nor anyone else's for that matter so I've been thinking would it be possible to take an AVO against them for harassment?
OR Start a website to get interest in taking a class action against companies like these who continually ignore requests to have phone/fax numbers removed from their lists permanently. Any solicitors out their that can shed some light on these issues or ideas?


Sick to Death

by Sick to Death | May 23, 2011

Update on my above post, today I received and email from Carrol at Prospect Marketing she sent me this:

If you visit your will be able to register your fax number on the DO NOT FAX register. By doing this you will be effectively removing your fax number from all fax broadcasting companies as we are are required to wash our data against this list every 30 days.

So I visited the site, but it took a while to find the link to info needed so to save you guys the effort here's the link you really need:

The above link will take you direct to the registration form whereas if you find the link on you'll still have to go through another two or three links to get to the registration.

Hope this saves you some frustration it getting where you need to go.
Note the Do Not Call Register now includes the provision for Fax and Phone/Fax numbers.

Regards to all Steve.


by Matt | June 8, 2011

Register on the Do Not Call Register
You can register Business Fax numbers


Luke Burrow

by Luke Burrow | August 31, 2011

Stop fax has not worked for me either. I have submitted several times to stop fax and a couple of other such sites and continue to recieve junk faxes. The most irritating one was for printer cartridges, with "ARE YOU OUT OF INK" in really big letters. If I wasnt before this fax I certainly was after it printed out.
It pisses me off that these clowns use my time and money to send me shit I don't want.


Craig Welch

by Craig Welch | October 17, 2011

I sent this email 5 days ago to

"Code C....
Fax 07 33xx-xxxx

"Please note that this facility is operated on a per advertiser basis."

Bullshit. Remove my fax number from your database entirely. I do not want spam faxes from anyone."

I did not receive a reply. Today I sent it to, Mary Miljanovic <>,,,,,

I received a speedy reply from Agnes Pui <>, saying that it had been actioned.

Just as well, as I as in the process of setting up a bot to email each of those people each hour for a day, then each quarter hour for a day, then each minute forever until they acknowledged same.

Impertinent bastards they are.


by Bronny | October 18, 2011

Thank you for this blog. I am sick of receiving fax spam. As a small business owner i am constantly trying to keep costs down and the printer toner and paper costs are high. Unnecessary faxes are a huge waste. I have received four pages today. From your blog I have been able to contact Agora Direct 1300 88 7910 and Harley has assured me he will remove my fax number. Let's see what happens. Thanks again.



by BAYSWATER CONCRETE CO | November 16, 2011

Dear John

We have tried a number of times to stop everybody sending us fax could you please codes are:A3A9F, KW8, TRY, C7063,D4U11, PLEASE REMOVE THEM ALL WE HAVE CALLED BUT THEY STILL SENDING TO OUR FAX MACHINE, OUR FAX NO: (08) 9370 ****. THANK YOU



by bob | July 16, 2013

The is definitely a scam to confirm to them that your number is active. I love to send them fake fax numbers just to keep them busy.



by drew | August 12, 2013

Well they got our number now
so i really hope it was not you who gave it to them
we never registered it online

So the only way they could have gotten it is if they physically came to our store and asked for our fax number or some one randomly gave it to them by mistake...



by FelipeRuzicka | April 4, 2016

Timely ideas - I am thankful for the points ! Does anyone know if my company can locate a fillable a form form to fill out ?


Chris Keating

by Chris Keating | August 28, 2018

Another handy means of getting your details removed (or at least outing the culprits) is to leave negative reviews on the social media pages of the businesses involved - for both the actual business being advertised, and the business sending the faxes on their behalf. A one-star review on Google, Facebook, etc clearly noting that they fax-spam gives them a nice public black eye.


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