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John Avis by | June 30, 2008 | Classic ASP Web Security

There is a automated SQL injection attack doing the rounds at the moments which injects some html (<script src=http://www.domain.com/b.js></script>) into certain fields in all the tables in a database.

If you have been attacked don't feel bad as an Internet search of "b.js" reveals tens of thousands of hacked sites.

The attack cleverly appends a series of SQL commands onto your querystrings and if your code is unprotected, and you don't use Access databases, the commands may be passed on to your SQL server and the damage done.

Considering the damage that could be done by this sort of attack, I guess we are lucky that they chose only to append their little JavaScript.

However, this attack could render your website as "unsafe" in search engine results.

Reversing the Damage

We are also extremely fortunate that the changes can be easily reversed with a few changes of the attackers original SQL commands.

Simply execute the following to clean up the damage. If you have been attacked multiple times (ie. you have multiple script blocks appended to your SQL data) then you will need to execute the following script for each attack.

Protecting against attacks

There are many methods out there to protect against this sort of attack.

The best method is to ensure that you protect every value that you pass to SQL. Strings should have a function to replace single quotes with two single quotes. Numbers should have a function that forces them to a numeric value.

The following function is a simple method which removes multiple inline SQL commands. If you issue multiple inline SQL commands in one go then obviously it will not be suitable but for everyone else it should stop any attack. This will not protect against all types of attacks however.

Parse your SQL command strings with the following syntax:


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by Raja | July 14, 2008

Very useful scripts


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