Unfair eBay fees for used cars

By · June 10, 2008 · 2 comments

Having just been through the process of selling a cheap used car on eBay I have seen first hand the unfairness of eBay's fees for this category.

By a cheap car I mean $250.

eBay's fees are $5 for the listing and a fixed commission of $40 upon successful sale.

For a $250 car that means the fees total nearly 20%.

Selling a $50,000 car? Your fees would be just a fraction of 1%.

I realise that eBay have to be price competitive with other online car advertising sites but surely for cheap cars they could have a lower commission based on the sale price.

Now I see why I often see cheap used cars advertised outside of the used car category.
eBay and PayPal

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Comments (2)

# Posted by PAT OBRIEN · April 19, 2009

I paid an additional 125.00 successful listing fee for selling a 533. dollar car . i lost money what the heck is fair about that , no acnowledgement of this unfair charge was required before listing the item,I am mad.


# Posted by John Avis · April 20, 2009

Hi Pat. I can only find mention of a $40 final value fee on the eBay website. What does it say the $125 fee is for, and what country eBay are you using?


John Avis
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