100% CSS Layout

John Avis by | May 28, 2008 | HTML/CSS

I had been looking for a CSS layout that has three components - a header, footer and content area - and the following characteristics:
  • When the content in the content area does not fill the available window space the footer should be set to the bottom of the page.
  • When the content overflows the footer should be positioned at the end of the document, off the screen.
  • The content area should fill at least all remaining window space so that any object I put inside it can scale to 100% of its height.
  • The content area should have a minimum height so that it won't look silly in a very tiny window (unlikely)
  • If the user resizes the browser the content area should resize.
I couldn't find a pure CSS solution so I came up with a solution that uses CSS and JavaScript.

View Sample (new window)

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