Understanding Sub-titles

John Avis by | January 2, 2008 | eBay and PayPal

Looking at eBay listings it seems a lot of people misuse the 'sub-title' field.

Filling this field with keywords is usually a waste of money as they will not be searched unless potential buyers specify searching titles and descriptions indstead of the default of titles only.

The true value of this field is in displaying information that might persuade a buyer to click on and look at your item.

For example, putting something like "Free Postage" or "Hurry, last one!" in this field could be advantageous. That is, if you didn't have room to put that message in the title.

Remember sub-titles are an optional service and have a fee so only use them if there is a good point to it.

Save your title for important keywords and use sub-title only if you run out of room and have an important message!

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