eBay keyword searches and hyphens

John Avis by | January 18, 2008 | eBay and PayPal

When listing items on eBay that have hyphens in model numbers it is a good idea to include the model number with and without a hyphen in the title.

For example, if you were selling Mazda MX-5 car parts then you should put in your title both 'MX-5' and 'MX5'.

If someone searches for 'MX5' and you only have 'MX-5' in your title your listing will not show.

If someone searches for 'MX-5' and you only have 'MX5' in your title your listing will not show.

However, if you were selling a Mazda MX-5 car then you could only put 'MX5' in your title as eBay will match the 'MX-5' from the category name.

With the maximum length of eBay titles set at a low 55 characters it certainly pays to have an understanding of eBay's search system.

I will continue with this topic in future articles.

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