I hate "Building a car in ten minutes" videos

John Avis by | December 1, 2019 | Automotive Youtube

Who started this annoying tend of "building a car in ten minutes"?
Home Built by Jeff on Youtube

Who started this annoying tend of videos where a series of car build videos is compiled into a single short video titled something like "building a car in ten minutes"?

I think it may have been the Home Built by Jeff YouTube channel who compiled his 67 part Porsche 911 build into a 4-minute single video and quickly amassed over half a million views on Youtube (and over 50 million views on Facebook).

Once news of this success story got out every second car YouTube channel jumped on the band wagon and made their own compilations with similar titles.

Most didn't enjoy anywhere near the same success.

While in some cases these type of videos make it quick and easy to see how a project started and the end result, personally I enjoy watching the build process and I have refused to watch any of these compilations, even when posted by some of my favourite Youtubers.

The only thing worse is those build videos compiled from photos only, most of which are usually accompanied by some crappy music.

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