What's with cars with hidden rear door handles?

John Avis by | October 29, 2019 | Automotive

Am I the only one that thinks all of these cars with hidden rear door handles don't look right?

Am I the only one that thinks all of these cars with hidden rear door handles don't look right?

I think this trend started with the 1997 Alfa Romeo 156, but it is now quite a common feature to have hidden rear door handles.

The Toyota C-HR, Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Veloster, Honda HR-V, Renault Clio and the Holden Barina have them, and maybe more.

Note that the 156's replacement, the 159, did not have hidden rear door handles.

It is supposed to make the car looks like a sporty coupe without rear doors, but really? To me, it just looks like a sedan with rear doors with no handles, particularly on light coloured cars where the door frames are still obvious.

Most of these models don't look like sporty coupes anyway because they are too long.

Personally I think it looks odd, and having rear door handles would make the car look more symmetrical and better.

Here's how the 156 might have looked with regular rear door handles:


Update: Looks like I'm not alone, Matt Campbell from CarAdvice.com also hates them.

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