What happened to the Street Bandito Youtube channel?

John Avis by | October 11, 2019 | Youtube Automotive

This popular channel with 70,000+ subscribers just stopped posting. Why?

Street Bandito is a popular automotive Youtube channel with over 70,000 subscribers.

Their first video was published on 17 August 2017 and after a while they starting posting 1-3 times a week.

Their projects include Xavier's Honda S2000, Greg's 350Z and Tim's Datsun 240Z that he is rebodying in carbon fibre.

But after their last video upload on 30 May 2019 they completely stopped posting new videos.

A month later they posted on their Youtube community tab, "Quick update...we are alive lol. Currently working things out behind the scenes and will be uploading videos again soon appreciate all the support and love you guys."

But 3 months later and still nothing!

Someone replied to that post, "I called the police, FBI, coast guard, Pentagon, hell...I called M.I.B. Y'all can't do a brother like this. #HurryBack," and Street Bandito responded with, "lmaoo my bad my bad."

Of around 100 comments on this post, that was the only one they responded to.

I went looking for any answers but found nothing. In fact, I did find things but they were a little puzzling.

Their last post on the Street Bandito Facebook was 5 July, although it appears to be a post by Xavier about his car and doesn't concern the channel. Their regular Facebook posting seems to have stopped on 16 May.

Xavier's Facebook was last posted to on 14 May, and his Instagram on July 5 (same post as on Facebook). Quite a few people asked what was going on in comments to that Instagram post and Xavier replied, "going to do updates once I finish my car lol", "sure do I’ll address it soon got to finish my car first lol", and "we are around just not updates at the moment working some things".

The website for Tim's business, Industry Garage, was not working up until only recently. I found that on 5 August Tim posted on his industrygarage Instagram page that his website "will be under construction until further notice". A bit weird but maybe it was just being updated.

However, he did post a photo of the Z on 23 August, and he posted several times after the videos stopped.

The Street Bandito Instagram is possibly a little more informative. I'm not sure if it was always labelled as Greg's account but it says now "GREGORY HICKS, YOUTUBE, STREET BANDITO".

The last post here is much more recent, it is from 2 October. It's a video of Greg drifting the 350Z. In the post text Xavier is mentioned at the end... not sure if that means he wrote the post or was just being mentioned. There's a few like that, so I think that Xavier did the post.

One commenter said, "Notice y’all been avoiding the questions about YouTube- it’s official- the band broke up." Does he know something or is he guessing?

I checked some of the older posts and there were some responses from Street Bandito to similar questions. "brb" (Be Right Back) was one answer and "we got allll the updates... coming soon".

Tim's personal Instagram was last posted to on 23 July. Nothing more recent and nothing about the channel.

The Street Bandito website is still around and taking orders for merchandise, but no mention of what is going on. It still mentions their Youtube schedule: "every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday". Um, nope. The last event on the events page was June 16 so it doesn't look like the website is being maintained.

I also checked on the business that I think Greg and Tim run (possibly just Greg), Baltimore Body Shop & Service, and that still seems to be around and no sign of issues there.

If you came here for answers, then sorry, I don't have them. All I have for you is my best guess...

They all still seem to be around and still working on their cars, perhaps just not together. However, from my research, I guess that Xavier is looking after a lot of the IT and social media side of the channel and I believe he was the one who posted the video of Greg drifting, so it looks like they may still be together somehow.

Perhaps the problem is the business side of things. Although they have 70,000 subscribers and were growing quickly, the channel may not have been bringing in a significant amount of money, particularly when it would presumably have to be split three ways. Maybe some of the team weren't happy with the return on what would be a busy workload producing three videos per week.

Please let me know if you know more of the story.

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