Best of the car Youtube channels: Australian Edition

John Avis by | May 13, 2019 | Youtube Automotive

Following on from my post Best of the car Youtube channels I thought I should cover the best of the Australian Youtube car channels.
Following on from my post Best of the car Youtube channels I thought I should cover the best of the Australian Youtube car channels.

Like my other post, I'm ignoring the large channels that everyone already knows about and concentrating on some of my favourites that you may not know about.

Kingatow Crew


This new channel is by a towing and wrecking company in Queensland and they seem to be making a big push to become successful on Youtube.

They are even planning on regularly building cars and giving them away to subscribers.

They have a variety of projects going including some early Holden Commodores, a Chevrolet 350 powered Jaguar, a Toyota Dyna truck, a Ford Cortina, a Subaru WRX and a Subaru Brumby. Quite a variety!

If you like Roadkill-style road trip videos then this channel already has a couple of videos including one of host Red and his wife Nicole buying a rusty Holden VN Commodore (actually an HSV SV91) and driving it 1,000 km home. They had some mishaps along the way including the rear windscreen falling out and they even posted live updates along the way!

They have more road trips planned including one to Uluru.

There are regular live streams on Saturday mornings and a new one on Wednesday nights where Red helps out people looking for parts.

This channel is already delivering great content and looks like it has a big future ahead.



Zac is a young guy in Queensland who likes cars (Ford Falcons in a particular colour mostly) and wants to be a YouTube star.

His videos are very well produced and it is entertaining to watch his car endeavours.

I was as surprised as everyone else when he bought a second car of the same type and colour (but turbo) and went about swapping most of the panels between cars because he had invested time and money in paint correcting his old car.

I cringed just as everyone else did when he was petrified driving his car across Brisbane with half the exhaust removed.

But this makes for good entertainment!

I wasn't impressed when I watched one of his live feeds and he convinced one of his viewers to send him a dinner through uber. For someone wanting to be a professionally Youtuber I don't think this is a good look.



Feeonnaa is a Victorian "cargirl" and undertakes mechanical projects of all types, including a manual conversion on her Toyota Supra and a complete engine replacement on her friend's Camry.

She also wants to get into drifting and one of her projects is a Holden Commodore Ute that she is modifying to a track-only draft car.

Her videos are very well done, and technically detailed.

Home Built By Jeff


This channel is much larger than the other Australian car channels mentioned above, with over 50,000 subscribers.

Jeff has a number of rebuild projects including a Volkswagen Beetle, Porsche 911, Datsun 240Z and an Alfa Romeo 105 that will be fitted with a Ferrari V8 engine.

Unlike other project channels that might break up a rebuild into 10 to 20 parts, Jeff's projects are split into many more videos - for example, there are 110 parts to his 240Z build!

Jeff does almost everything himself including bodywork, engine rebuilding, and even interior trimming.

Rex H

Rex H on Youtube

Most of the recent content on this channel centres around a second generation Toyota MR2 currently undergoing a V6 engine swap.

Earlier content is largely about modifying a Toyota Camry, which looks like it has been surprisingly (to me) popular.

I always enjoy a good roadtrip video where someone travels a long way to buy a car and then attempts to drive it home, and this channel has a few of those as Rex travelled from Melbourne to Adelaide to pick up his MR2 and his friend picked up a couple of MR2s from Sydney.

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