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Automotive Youtube

Thunder Races TV Series

by John Avis | June 15, 2018
Thunder Races was a UK TV Series hosted by Adrian Simpson where three teams built a car for a particular challenge over the space of a few days then competed against each other in a race.


Cheap eBay baffled oil catch can review

by John Avis | July 6, 2016
Due to a combination of my aftermarket supercharger and 240,000km of engine wear on my 1998 BMW 318is, I get quite a bit of oil through my PCV/CCV system that clogs the valve and gets sucked back through the intake system. In an attempt to keep the system cleaner I decided to fit an oil catch can.

Car repairs

Holden Commodore VT V6 fuel filter replacement

by John Avis | June 16, 2015
I recently replaced the fuel filter on our 1998 Holden Commodore Acclaim with the 3.8 litre V6 engine. I found that the instructions I had found online for how to remove the fuel pipes did not work for me so here are some instructions for how I did it.


Do today's cars have too many driver aids?

by John Avis | April 27, 2015
Most of the driver aids I believe are good things. Anti-lock braking system in particular, as well as the various traction control and stability control systems are very worthwhile, as unless you are practising controlling these things regularly you are unlikely to be able to control the car in the situations that these systems cut in.

New Cars

The Evolution of Car Advertising

by John Avis | August 4, 2011
Advertising new cars has certainly changed over the years. Generally, there are features which are most commonly included in advertisements for each period of automotive evolution.

Road Rules

Road Rule Confusion

by John Avis | January 20, 2011
After reading the road rules around driving over painted islands in the most recent version of the road users handbook, I am a little unsure of exactly when you are allowed to drive over them.

New Cars

Ugliest car continued...

by John Avis | July 26, 2010
When I was young Porsche was a brand that my friends and I aspired to own, and we thought of them at the same level as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Used Cars

Used Car Inspection

by John Avis | August 21, 2007
There has been several used cars that I have bought where I have later found problems that I should have found before I handed over the money.


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